Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week 21, Project 365

We are fast approaching the halfway mark for the year -- isn't that exciting?!

Being here in Sta. Rosa means slow or no internet. I really wanted to share some photos from the wedding the daughter was in last Sunday, but I've spent way too much time trying to download a few photos to share today. TIME OUT takes on a whole new meaning on the internet. Makes me want to throw a tantrum and get sent to the other time out in a corner. Grrrrrr.

Meanwhile I'm including some links. The best man is a pastor in our home church but in this photo I joke that he and the daughter look like waiters in an upscale restaurant (which the daughter is in real life!) :-) This crazy shot is the daughter's favorite because the groom and his 'people' are showing some serious 'tude! LOL And I like this one of the whole wedding party where everyone's showing off their pearly whites.

I know I've already shared a photo of a pretty yellow tree, but I can't help's another one. They're all over, creating pops of color amidst all the green... ...which I guess never really goes away in a temperate climate. These bushes are everywhere, too. Love the brilliant orange berries against the dark green foliage. God certainly created a beautiful world!
I mentioned this week the possibility of renting a place to have meetings and activities for our fledgling church plant. Here's a shot of the front of the wee little house which we haven't measured but looks to be between 3-4 meters across. Paperwork commences this coming week so soon we may be hanging a shingle on the front announcing this as the "Centro Esperanza". Because we also came up with a name! Which was necessary for other paperwork. Even though this wasn't a British colony, you can tell the Brits have had a profound influence on the society by the sheer amount of paperwork required for each and every single little aspect of life. Laundry day after a few overcast days means clothes and towels hanging on every available line, even under the patio roof.
At the start of our holiday weekend (national holiday: 25 de Mayo PLUS our 30th anniversary weekend!) we went out for lunch. Here's dessert which we shared. Lovely, isn't it? Thick chocolate cake-like crust and light-as-air cheesecake with the essence of orange. Oh my, it was delicious!
Since schools and businesses are closed on Monday, there was a public ceremony commemorating the holiday on Friday. I was in Spanish class but the hubby attended and took some photos. I put a few together in a collage. If you click on it, it should enlarge so you can see it better. In addition to the ubiquitous speeches, the kids gave recitations and performed folklore dancing in full costume. I tried, oh how I tried!, to upload a short 3 minute video of that but TIME OUT kept butting in. Once we're home I'll try to get that on the blog for your viewing enjoyment. It's really cute how these 10- and 11-year-olds have mastered the old-fashioned dance.
Saturday morning hubby picked up a free load of wood, cut and stacked as much as he could in this cabinet and the rest is cut and stacked elsewhere. Wood = Heat = Happy Southern Girl!
The initial hole to check out the septic didn't reveal much.
The hole is expanding by the hour. Might have more exciting photos to share next week :-) Because Project 365 is all about what we do as we live each day. Might not be very glamorous or exciting, but it's our life and we enjoy sharing it with one another. At least I've had fun getting to know my online friends through this project. We gather around Mr. Linky on Sara's blog every Sunday and see what others are up to, in our families, our jobs, or our communities.

Welcome to my life!


skoots1mom said...

so glad hubby doesn't have to dig through georgia red clay...hope he finds the problem sooner rather than later.

the kids' dresses and outfits are so pretty...eager to see the dancing

good shot of your little church...god will grow it to overflowing!

i went to church this a.m. and made it half way through sunday school before my neck and back started spasms...the preaching was wonderful but my pain increased as i sat there...was very thankful for a wall to lean against during lunch

love the wedding pictures...they had such a good time.
have a blessed sunday evening...i hear a recliner and ice pack calling my name

Mari said...

I like the little building that may be your church- it's cute! the trees and flowers are pretty!

sara said...

so glad you will have a place to meet that is "yours" for your church!!! you have to roof it yourselves?

that cheesecake...oh my!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

at least he is not digging in LR...rock, rock,'s horrible!

yea, for HEAT!!!

have a wonderful weekend, Kim!!!

Dena said...

Great pictures...I love those orange berries against the green.

That dessert looks so yummy, that I probably wouldn't have shared it..ha!

The new little church is so cute, and I'm sure will be a very special place.

rita said...

Love photo of T & R!
S.l.o.w internet access--how aggravating!
But SR--how relaxing!
Except for sceptic-hole problem :(
Waiting for bailes folclóricos--photos and names of the bailes criollos.
Enjoy 25 de mayo!
We will to to Steph's for M's BD.

Susan D said...

Happy 30 years of marriage. That's wonderful. Blessings, SusanD

rita said...

Remembered today that 30 years ago, on the day of your wedding we were in Santa Rosa with a team from Doulos. Us family members were thinking about you and sorry to be so far away.
Happy Anniversary!!!