Friday, May 22, 2009

Naming names is serious business

Another marathon Thursday behind me. After six hours of intense Spanish conversation (Spanish class, art class, coffee with a friend) I drag home just mentally exhausted. Thankfully yesterday was better than the day before and I could remember a few more words and conjugations.

I've decided to go ahead with the Spanish blog. Although I'd planned on waiting until I was better with the Spanish, I realized that kind of thinking could delay it indefinitely. It will be good discipline and practice for me. Initially my goal is to post once or twice a week.

Over lunch yesterday we brainstormed ideas for a blog name and the hubby came up with a great one. It's a secret for now but I'll tell you all about it once the blog is launched. I'm just so happy we came up with a name so quickly! Usually a lot more angst goes into a decision like that.

Instead I'm saving my angst for WHICH BLOG HOST SHOULD I USE? (I'm not even sure that's what they're called.) Anyway I looked at typepad, wordpress, tumblr and moveable type. Ugh. I think most of them are for people who actually know something about computers. Any suggestions? I've been frustrated with blogger's limitations and thought it would be nice/fun/exciting to try something different.

I'm really serious about wanting suggestions! Can't you see the not-so-quiet desperation?!

Yesterday must have been the day for naming things quickly because we also named our "church" (which is just in the fledgling stage), for paperwork that the government requires. Centro Esperanza. Centro conveys the idea it's open to all, that everyone is welcome and esperanza (hope) is what we offer. We carefully tried to avoid using words that have negative connotations in this culture, or would identify us with those we'd rather not be identified with.

This morning I have Spanish and then hope to get some sewing done. I have material cut out for two shopping bags and fabric chosen for another couple. Waiting to see how the first two turn out before cutting up any more tela (fabric).

I forgot again to take photos in art class. I think I need to clip the camera to the outside of my bag so I'll see it and remember to use it. My chatty friend wasn't there yesterday but I had fun trying to communicate with some of the other ladies. I was sort of tucked back in a spot, unable to get out easily because of all the painting easels, so I attempted to follow and join the conversations flowing around me. These ladies are already very accomplished artists, painting amazing portraits and landscapes with oils. While I glue bits of fabric and paper to a thin piece of wood and call it art. If someone took a photo of our class they could use it in one of those exercises: "What doesn't belong in this picture?"

I'd be interested to know, what was the last thing you created? Doesn't have to be a crafty item at all...maybe a great new dish in the kitchen, or you created storage out of chaos in a closet. It can be anything -- just share where you're creativity led you recently. 'Kay?


sara said...

I think it's great you are starting your Spanish blog now. There is a lady that follows my 365 blog, she is german. She writes her 365 blog in English and asks us all to correct her when she gets something wrong. The other day she called her "boss" her Chiefess. She had looked the word up on the did give me a giggle!!

I think you need to write a BIG not on the outside of your notebook to take a picture!!!!

Last thing I created was a "coat of many colors" for our new curriculum in Sunday School!

rita said...

Does tidy-room-out-of-chaos count?
Getting ready for our guests arriving this aft. Remember the South African who stayed with us a couple of times and the interesting love story? Well, his girl is graduating, unfortunately he is back in SA (visa issues). Her family, former missionaries to Cambodia, will be with us. Next exciting event--the wedding in Aug!
I am really looking forward to the Spanish blog! I know whatcha mean about trying another blog host, but have NO advice to offer.
And great name for the new church!
I'm off to my 9th day before the end!

Debbie said...

Creativity? Oh my. I think I haven't had any of that in forever. Seriously, I'll have to ponder this.

Mari said...

I've got no ideas for you on who to use for your new blog. My Hubby started a prayer blog for our church using Wordpress, but it seemed much harder to deal with than blogger.
I don't think I've been too creative lately but I do like to scrapbook.

Susan D said...

What a fabulous idea starting a Spanish blog. It's sure to help your translation skills.

I haul my camera everywhere too and forget to use it. I'm seriously behind on posting photos after the week long blackout. That's one of my goals this weekend is to get caught up.

Creative? I am so not. But I am trying desperately to live the legacy I'm leaving at Robin's encouragement. She uses wordpress. Here's the link to her site if you're not familiar with her spot. Check it out.

Have a great weekend. Blessings, SusanD

skoots1mom said...

lots of friends use wordpress but i haven't...
i can just see you in the back of the room with your're too funny!!
i finished another baby bonnet last week
bought new thread for more baby sandals ...
and today after my chiro visit, I birthed a new Friday"meme"'ll be interesting to see if i get any participants

I was able to drive to the chiro today...woohoo!(without my arms in the air, that is)
the neck is coming along slowly (how dare I turn my head and cause this problem, hhuummph!)
More advil, tylenol, ice and heat tonight...he was able to do a slight adjustment at the base of my skull and I didn't come off the table and can still use my fingers and toes!

Love the church name...very creative!!

Put a yellow sticky on your art bag that says "CAMERA"...then put a yellow sticky on the camera that says "point and shoot" :)

love ya' sista!!