Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Meanderings

It's a cool fall morning but the sun is intense so the clothes should dry quickly. Yay! Last week's overcast and rainy weather meant it took three days for one load to dry. I keep taking my sweater off inside, then putting it back on to go outside to work on laundry or shake out my broom. The study/sewing room got a lick and a promise this morning. I moved stuff around, dusted and swept. We had a dust bunny army ready to spill over enemy lines into the rest of the house so something had to be done.

Now I can see the table and actually work on some sewing projects. Not even going to set goals though. Today is my day "off" (hubby is going into Cordoba so I have some free time) and nothing makes me happier than puttering around in the sewing room. The need to create has found an outlet (of sorts) in my art class but I'm still such a beginner there that nothing I've "created" is very satisfying.

We started to open the shutters in the sewing room because some sunlight would be welcomed. Unfortunately my sewing machine is on a table directly in front of said window and the light would have blinded me, rendering me unable to actually sew which is the whole point of cleaning the room.

We learned last night that starting in August the stores will no longer have plastic bags for you to use. So one of my projects is to try making a couple of large quilted shopping bags. I made a fat sack back in December (it's holding two big 6 liter water bottles in this photo) and I like it but want to try something different, maybe one of these totes from Mama's Pocketbook, or this nice big grocery tote I found on Valeri Wells blog. Don't you think it would be a good idea to have a few large, some medium size and a small bag or two?

I love how you can find so many free patterns and ideas online. The blogging community is very generous about sharing.

I made American style pizza yesterday and will be heating up a slice or two for lunch today. It included a green/red pepper from our garden, some homemade Italian sausage (I mix ground pork with seasonings, form into patties and freeze), onions, olives, mushrooms and two kinds of cheese (mostly "skinny" cheese but a little freshly grated parmesan to kick it up a notch).

This morning I put a beef brisket in to marinate and (hopefully) transform into corned beef. The recipe I found online calls for the meat to soak in the marinade for 10 days to two weeks. Sorry, but we're not that patient. We're going to leave it until tomorrow evening and see if that's sufficient. Cravings for a boiled dinner and cabbage-already-a-week-old wait for no man marinade.

We may have found a small house to rent for our meetings and activities for this fledgling church plant. Had not planned on doing that, for both philosophical and financial reasons, but we have run into a cultural roadblock. We've been sharing hostessing duties, different ones in the group opening up their homes. But people won't come unless they know the owner of the any friends we invite to a meeting at our co-worker's home won't come. Unless they know him too. You can see the problem, only whoever is hosting the meeting can invite friends and expect them to show up.

This little house is about five blocks away, just across the street from some large playing fields on the costanera -- which would be great for youth activities. Our co-workers checked it out last Thursday and we hope to be able to see it this week.

The daughter was in her friend's wedding this past weekend. From what we've heard, a good time was had by all. We've seen a few photos on facebook and look forward to seeing more. For those who are interested, she wore the pants but changed into a dress after the dinner and before the dancing. My SIL posted a photo of her in the dress yesterday for Project 365.

Enough meandering this fine Monday morning. I'm off to sew!


Mari said...

That grocery tote looks like a really nice one. Your daughter looks beautiful!

rita said...

And the photo does not do her justice, sorry.
Great bolso, SIL! Have fun making more.
We're off to shop for my BD 'whatever' w/ discount at Kohl's and then dinner at Stephan's where I'll the the read Special Person plate.

rita said...

What did I write?
"where I'll get to use the red SP plate."

skoots1mom said...

have you noticed how much your daughter looks like my! they really could be sisters :) (like you and me!)

dd is doing well after her surgery...thanks for your prayers...they were felt
now to sleep, rest and recover...hope they're able to really sleep dd fed her ice chips this afternoon in between her "naps"...her meds are keeping her pretty comfortable except when they have to "roll" her from side to side.
i'm emotional day and a long drive home tonight due to a stalled truck and lots of traffic:(

sweet rest, sista!

Mari said...

Your comments are turned off for the potato tip - or I can't find the link!
That is amazing and I've never seen it before - very cool!