Friday, May 15, 2009


I wanted to post but am basically brain dead by the end of the week. Hence you get a short post full of choppy thoughts and ideas. I hope to do better after a day of mental relaxation.

The sun came out and the clothes I washed on Tuesday finally finished drying. So I started washing what has piled up in the meantime.

We also unpacked the rest of the winter clothes and I was so happy to be reunited with my turtlenecks ☺

Discovered that whenever someone takes a shower, the heater in the kitchen turns itself off. Apparently the on-demand water heater draws too much of the gas, cutting off the heater's supply? Not sure, but it's not good. Glad the hubby is a handyman.

That same hubby is also a gardener extraordinaire and he dug and turned a lot of dirt today, creating a nice area along the back of the yard to plant the free seeds we received after attending that talk at the municipality last week.

He also hung a wood pallet on the wall so the peas will have something to climb. Those pallets have been quite useful.

The daughter is in her friend's wedding this weekend. After much indecision, I think she's decided to wear trousers. All the guys (and one girl ☺) standing up with the groom are wearing black hightop Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars and the daughter says when she wears a black skirt with the white shirt and black vest she looks like a flight attendant in tennis shoes. Or a business woman who walked to work. She found a nice pair of black dress pants at Elder Beerman yesterday.

I told her to make sure her camera is fully charged and to take lots of photos before and after the wedding. Especially of the parents of the groom who are some of our most favorite people in the world.

And of course, the bride and the groom. Who will no doubt be absolutely stunning in their wedding finery.

I think May weddings are much nicer than June weddings.

I was married in May.

We will be celebrating 30 years in a little over a week.

Wait, I am not old enough to have been married thirty years. *gulp*

We cannot get corned beef here. I am sad. But we will attempt to make our own. The hubby is even now off to buy a beef brisket. Because we are craving a boiled dinner.

When you are old and have been married a long time you begin to think alike. And have simultaneous food cravings.


Linda said...

Well, I don't know about May weddings. We were married 44 years ago June 13, and even the 13's are fun for us. Hubby likes to tell people that we met on the 13th, got engaged on the 13th (I think it was the 11th) married on the 13th, live on block 13, lot 13, and that is the truth. It's a good thing we aren't superstitious! We think alike a lot too.

skoots1mom said...

i was married on October 7...a sunny Autumn morning at 10am...
19 years ago. we were both older when we married.
i'm eating alone 2night...can't decide what i want.
i pooped from cleaning out the master closet today...golly, how did we get all that stuff in there?
ended up with two large bags for donation, two bags of throw away, and one box of stuff that needs to go to the basement.

i love brisket...hubby can't eat it allergy.
eager to see your peas growing!
your hubby was very busy today...what a blessing he is!
have a GREAT night...i'm going to finish crocheting a baby cap :)

Elizabeth said...

Mike and I will be celebrating 7 years on Monday :-)

rita said...

Here at Mom's overnight.
Tomorrow I'll get a photo of tu hija with the new dress for after ceremony use.
Surprised you are planting now.
Boiled dinner sounds good.
At Mother/Daughter dinner they had a baked potato bar. Mom didn't quite know how that worked.
It's really raining, and thundering, and lightning here right now.
Clothes drying--reminds me of Germany where clothes sometimes froze on the line and took several days to dry.