Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time To Quilt

Wednesday was long but fun. I always enjoy my visits with Graciela because she is careful to speak slowly and enunciate clearly. Plus we enjoy a lot of the same things! I was showing her a book I just received called Time to Quilt: Fun Quilts and Retreat Ideas and we agreed that we need to plan a weekend getaway for the ladies to charlar, comer y coser (chat, eat and sew). Shout out to my dear SIL Rita for the inspiring book! Muchas gracias

After Spanish I saw Graciela again as we got together with her and her hubby for a short Bible study. They're interested in learning what we learned about prayer during our recent field conference. Nestor also invited us to go with him to a lecture on gardening at the municipality in the evening. More than 50 people showed up, and there were plenty of questions from the audience so they covered a lot of material.

I think.

Because I did not understand much. I caught a lot of words but I was having a hard time comprehending whole sentences. By evening my brain was tired of concentrating and it's always tough to understand someone the first time you meet them. Or at least it is for me; I do better when I've become accustomed to their way of speaking.

But the more exposure to the language, the better. I have to be absorbing something, wouldn't you think?

We were on the go pretty much all day. It was nice to have something fairly easy to make for dinner. We heated up some leftover beans, pulled out the homemade salsa and sour cream, and quickly fried up hamburger to round out the filling ingredients. Didn't think about cheese until after we were done eating (which shows how tired I was because I NEVER forget the cheese!). I tried to make homemade corn tortillas for the first time and the texture was all wrong. Not sure where I got the recipe; found the card tucked into another anyway, I'm going to do a little online research for a more authentic recipe. The ones I made last night were more like crepes. Tasted fine but the texture was all wrong.

Today in Spanish we googled Trevelín in southern Argentina. Wow! Spectacular scenery and another place added to the long list of places we'd like to visit someday ☺ I'm working on the imperative which is used a lot of advertising. Touristy websites typically use the imperative...Visite Trevelín!...No deje de ir a las Colonias de indios mapuches!...Compre chocolates y mermeladas!...Bañese en las aguas termales de Copahue! And I just wanted to say: Sí! Sí! Sí!

Especially the part about the chocolate.

This afternoon I have art. I missed last week due to a migraine (get 'em every fall when the weather starts changing) but I guess I'll still be learning how to use some black paint to make my gray collage look better. At least that's the idea.

I've had no time to work on the quilt. It sits sad and neglected next to my chair. By Saturday my brain will be very tired, I think, and I look forward to just sitting and sewing for a while.

But now I need to get up and get busy. There's laundry to hang out, lunch to make, and art class to prepare for...I'm finding that doing laundry in cold weather is not nearly as much fun. But as I used to tell my kids, "It doesn't have to be fun, it just has to be done."


rita said...

Thanks for shout-out! I was a little surprised, read the e-mail before the blog.
I likr your famous quote at the end. Unfortunately I have too many of those things 'to be done'! However, I am looking forward to a little more time in retirement to charlar, comer y coser!

Debbie said...

I wish I could be there for your weekend of eating, chatting and sewing. I love to eat and chat:)

skoots1mom said...

roadtrip!!! ergh, guess that would have to be "planetrip", wouldn't it??!! i want to come for the eatin', chattin' and sewin'...ya'll have a lot to teach me.
i bet you were tired after the's hard to listen with such intent, trying to reminds me of when i would take ears had to be so tuned in to EVERY would wear me out!
i've done seven loads of laundry over the last two days and i'm getting ready to do two more...whew, will be glad when i'm done!
well, i'm off to bed...hope i sleep 2night...insomnia's been playing w/ me this week and 2night i had the beginnings of a migraine but was able to nip it b4 it GOT me...
sweet dreams, JubiSista! ;)