Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My computer went bonkers yesterday...I couldn't type or even surf because ALL THE KEYS were possessed and doing their own thing. Totally weird! So today the hubby took it to the nearest Apple store (Cordoba) and of course, it's not acting up for them at all. So the hubby is having them check the fan to see if overheating is the problem.


Meanwhile I'm using the hubby's computer and it WILL NOT let me open some blogs. Why?!! It opens some just fine but absolutely will not open others, timing out repeatedly.


Hopefully hubby will return with a functioning computer so my head doesn't explode and make a mess right here in the living room. Because I am in no mood to clean house.

I have made four loaves of bread in the past four days. They are small round loaves, about 5"-6" across. I will be a small round person much bigger than 5"-6" across if I keep eating this bread!

But it goes so well with the soup I've been throwing together: potato soup, homemade chicken soup, cheeseburger soup... Didn't somebody have a soup carnival last year? I'd really like to go look at all the soup recipes because I love the soup when it's cold outside.

I also made an apple crisp with the apples that needed to be used pronto. Apple crisp is much easier than apple pie for a crust-challenged person like me. I have never made a decent pie crust in my life, although it isn't for lack of trying. I've tried using ice cold water, hot water, tepid water; I've used butter, lard, Crisco; I've used a light hand... But every crust I've made from scratch was virtually inedible. Thank goodness for Pillsbury! But here I haven't been able to find that kind of pie dough (they sell a pre-made dough for savory pies which I've tried but it doesn't work so well for sweet pies). Hence the apple crisp.

Until I get my computer back, I'll be scarce in Bloggyville. Have a great week!


skoots1mom said...

oh no...
is it ok to pray for a computer?
i'll miss ya...
hope all gets fixed

we got to visit BS&K and dd yesterday...i'll post some pics later maybe...

my dd is off at vbs...she's working in the kitchen this year :)

i'm laundering the icky stuff from dd's past mission work last week...can you say "STINKY??!!"
I love our campground, but the heat and bugs and cobwebs and roof tar and paint and cleaning products combined on blue jeans make for many nose challenges. feel like i have to suit up, put my goggle, slip on the plastic gloves while handling everything with tongs...

Mari said...

Sorry about your computer issues! It's funny to hear you talking about soup, bread, apple crisp... When I'm thinking summer foods. But - those are the perfect thing when it starts cooling off. Hope you have a working computer soon!

rita said...

We'll all miss you!
I just got around to sending my camera in for repair. But I have many photos using Mike's, just don't have time to post them yet. These are busy last days wrapping up things at four schools.
I sent chef-son the info about the bread book. Sounds sooooooooo good!