Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The news is a mixed bag

"Ten of the nation's largest banks were given the green light Tuesday to repay $68 billion in government bailout money, freeing them from restrictions on executive compensation that they say are making it hard to keep their top-performing executives."

Call me crazy, but if they can afford to give back the bailout money, then they didn't need it in the first place.

"The baseball diamonds and bleachers are filled with tales of moms and dads pitching in to put their kids on the field -- Foreclosureville's version of "Field of Dreams." North Rialto Little League has seen its annual $45,000 sponsorships shrink to a mere $3,000. Parents have lost their jobs, even houses, amid the nation's economic woes. But the families in this corner of California's economically ravaged region known as the Inland Empire have kept the aluminum bats swinging and the crowd roaring. Not a single game has been missed because of hard times. The families and the league had no choice but to rally around each other when the sponsorships plunged. Bread-and-butter small-business sponsors closed up or lost too much revenue to help the league. Many of the parents are working extra hours to try to make up for plunging commissions or work once done by laid-off colleagues. "We had to ask some of our parents to gather up some of their used cleats that maybe their kids had outgrown, or maybe some used gloves," Ruiz says. "We had to supply some kids with used equipment just so they could play."

The other side of the coin in this economy has parents doing what they've always done...whatever it takes to help their kids.

I'm not an economist (although my son majored in economics in college, does that count for anything? ☺) but it seems to me that a lot of what the government is doing these days doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Probably a good thing I'm six thousand miles away and don't have a television at this point or I wouldn't have any fingernails left. I'd have chewed them to the nubbins. I forced myself months ago to quit looking daily at our retirement fund status. It was pathetic even before the crisis but it became downright anorexic. Or maybe bulimic is a better word, 'cause it was heaving cash in chunks. These days I have no idea what shape it's in. For my peace of mind, it's better not to know. Playing ostrich is my coping mechanism.

Besides, our plan all along has been for our kids to get good paying jobs so they can afford to put us in a really nice retirement home ☺ (Just kidding, kids!)

On to happier things... The sun is shining and it is a gorgeous day! It was a chilly 39 degrees this morning but it warmed up to close to 70 degrees by midday. My geraniums have suddenly come to life and are blooming like crazy; ditto the roses. This just blows me away, considering it's the equivalent to December in the U.S. Michigan in December is like a barren wasteland of gray. Carlos Paz is a riot of color. Hmmmm, I think I like this better ☺

This coming Sunday we'll have our first meeting in the little house just across from the lake. A stepping out in faith and trusting God to do great things!

Word just in that our friends had a baby girl. I haven't finished the baby quilt for the other baby yet. Boy am I behind! I think the next one I'll have to machine quilt. Not sure what to do...is it the cultural thing to go visit the new mom and dad? Wait until they're home from the hospital? I can't do either since I'm still all stuffed up and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me passing on these germs. But the hubby wants to do whatever we're expected to do. Just not sure what that is yet.

Had a nice long chat with the daughter this afternoon. First time in a while because of her crazy busy schedule. Things have finally slowed down for her. She was actually getting ready to go to the library for fun books to read. Ahhhh, what I wouldn't give to be able to do that very thing! The library is definitely one of the things I miss most. I told her to check out enough books for the both of us.

Y'all are heading into summer which I will always and forever associate with the library and lovely long hours of reading. What books have you read recently? Anything you can recommend? Periodically I find used books on amazon or ebay and the daughter forwards them in care packages. But when you go to this much trouble, it's nice to know the book is worth it. So tell me: What do you think I should read?


skoots1mom said...

i'm reading NewMoon so i can discuss it with daughter, b4 the movie comes out in November...I'm such a slow reader.

it was in the high 80's here today...
we're enjoying lunching with friends and SITTING...aaaaahhhh, summer!
nice to currently not have anywhere or anything WE HAVE to do :)

Mari said...

I tagged you in a post tonight - join if you want, but don't feel obligated! :)

rita said...

The two recent audio/reads that impacted me most were Karen Kingbury's JUST BEYOND THE CLOUDS and WAITING FOR MORNING. Especially enjoyed the reader and related to the issues.
I picked up some books down south for you; wanted to read them first, but am thinking that would take so long, I should just send them on!

Hallie said...

Hey lady! Wow I guess it has been some time since I stopped by. Your blog looks so purdy! And how blessed are you to be seeing flowers in bloom! Sounds like a very beautiful place. Now if things would just slow down a bit, I might be able to get over here to read more about it;)


Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi, I stopped by from Mari's blog to say hello. Nice to meet you!