Thursday, June 4, 2009

A random post about blogging

First off, thanks for the nice comments on my new "look". Am I the last blogger to be so completely clueless as to the wonderful free stuff out there?! I was up way too early yesterday morning and spent the pre-dawn hours surfing the net. I noticed my friend Christy has a new background (very cute!) and on a lark I clicked on the little icon in the corner. Which, of course, took me to Aqua Poppy Designs.

I LOVE Chelsea's style! And I must not be the only one because now that I know what to look for, some of my favorite bloggers also use her backgrounds. I'm in good company ☺ Chelsea offers bloggy makeover packages too, so you know what's going on my birthday/Christmas wish list.


Good news! I launched my Spanish blog ☺ The hubby came up with a great name, Vivencias ("things experienced" or "things lived") but unfortunately that name was taken (by someone who blogged for a bit back in 2002 and then quit, but still that means the name is taken). We played with a bunch of others and finally settled on aconteci√≥ que... which means "it happened that..." I started on Sunday with a condensed version of Project 365.

And went back yesterday and added another of Chelsea's free backgrounds.


The next goal is to put together a "memory" blog from our year in Uganda, incorporating e-mails sent and received, photos, and additional commentary. What better way to gather all that stuff together in a fun format that's accessible to friends and family and anyone else who might be interested?

After having so much trouble finding a name not already taken for the Spanish blog, I decided to go ahead and see if the name I wanted for the Uganda blog had been used yet. It wasn't and I snatched it up. So now I have the blog designed and just have to start figuring out what all I want to include.

One thing I know: it will require a HUGE amount of time to type in the information because while I have hard copies of those e-mails (thanks to a dear friend who had the foresight to print them and keep them for me) I have nothing else. Africa is death to computers; we went through three the year we were there, and the e-mail host I used at the time did not save what we sent or received.

I'm thinking I should do it backwards, putting in the last e-mail first and so on, so that when it's done the blog will read in chronological order from the point of opening it, sort of like a book. Since it will not be an open-ended blog, but have a definite beginning and end, it makes sense to do it that way.


Is there such a thing as blogging addiction? I remember when I started and hardly ever posted because I didn't think about it very often. Plus I felt I had nothing to say. Well, we all know you can say a whole lot of nothing with an excessive amount of words ☺ I've found blogging to be a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, making new friends, and fulfilling this compulsion to write. To write something, anything! And now I'm seeing all these other the memory blog for our year in Uganda.

It causes me to ask: Why do you blog?


86 My Social Life said...

I LOVE the Uganda blog idea!! You should see if anyone has our emails saved in an inbox, it's possible.

sara said...

yep, your new look is great!! It's fun to change it around!!!

I started blogging to keep fam/friends up date on our move 2+ years ago. That is still a part of it, but it is now so much bigger!! It's ministry, therapy (free), friendship, and so much more!!

Sharon said...

Rosie was just here, (you know, the cousin from Chicago). I told her that I would really enjoy a blog with annectdotes of the Hirschy women. I think you and Rita should pester her to start one... just a suggestion.
I blog so that I can read your blog and leave comments and not have to sign in as anonymous.

Mari said...

I love your new look too! I started blogging because my sisters had blogs and kept telling me to try it. I continued because of the friendships I've formed. As a matter of fact I was talking about you today. I have a friend who was a missionary kid in Brazil and remembers those days fondly. She was talking about what the weather would be like there now, and I told her about you saying it was cooler and making soups and stews! It does sound funny sometimes to people who don't get it, when I say things like - "I have a blogging friend, who..." But they don't understand this kind of friendship!

junglewife said...

Do you have a scanner? Dan just brought me this notebook that has a lot of information he needs but it was all typed up YEARS ago. I scanned it all in, and then there's a program on our computer (Microsoft Document Imaging) that will convert the scan to text so you don't have to type it all. Of course there will be errors (depending on how legible the text was to begin with!) but it's a lot easier to fix errors than to type it all up from scratch!

Debbie said...

I am obsessed with it. But, it brings me joy and happiness so I'm not going to worry about it.
I am crazy about your new look. I'm getting one soon.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Just a suggestion. If you have hard copies of these emails, I would do a bit of research, before retyping them. They have copy machines that will scan a text document and then convert that into a word document. My three in one printer will do it. A lot of the newer three in one printer/copier/scanners have this function. It might save you a ton of time to find someone with a printer that has this function.

Just a thought!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Also love the new look as well!!!

Christy said...

So glad you found Aqua Poppy! I love her site. Only problem now is you'll spend lots of time looking for new backgrounds!

BTW, I love the new look, too!

skoots1mom said...

loving your new design
you are gonna be so busy...3!
i started out blogging for my daily devotions, then it expanded to capturing memories and so it is a combined effort...
my next endeavor is to download the free software and prepare a book out of my posts to send to and have them printed into books

Junie Moon said...

You have a lovely blog and, no, you're not the last person to learn about free tools--I had no idea they're even out there until you mentioned it (hence, my blog has a very plain appearance). I love the design element around the actual text blocks, very nice.

Anyway, about your project, I think it's very smart to start with your most recent adenture in Uganda and work from there.

rita said...

As I've said before--you are amazing, three blogs! WOW
The backwards idea makes sense for U one. Eventually a book or two may result.
My Argentina Series, within my one blog, served a similar memory purpose, on a smaller scale, of course.
I started another blog solely for the Mexico stories, but haven't worked on it for a long time.
YES, blogging is addictive, in a good way, still it becomes a NEED. I haven't gotten to mine in two weeks due to travel and end of school and I have been downright depressed.
So why do I blog? There's the compulsion to put down in writing my thoughts, especially related to our 'vivencias' :)
And there's the daily urge to hear from and communicate with dear ones like yourself!
There is encouragement in sharing our lives.
Sharon must have really enjoyed hering Rosie talk about the Hirschys. She has fascinating insights. It may take some doing to get her into blogging, however.