Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 26, Project 365

Woohoo! We're halfway there! How exciting is that :-)

It sure doesn't seem possible that half the year is already gone. It's doubly weird because I'm still adjusting to having the seasons be opposite of what I'm used to and my mind hasn't quite wrapped itself around the idea that it's June and WINTER. I feel sorta stuck in a time warp.

Especially when I look at photos others are posting on Project 365 and y'all are in shorts and swimsuits (well, the kids are anyway) and obviously sweltering in the heat.

Last weekend I missed posting photos for Project 365 because we were in Sta. Rosa and the internet was completely uncooperative. We were there so Ivan could install the bathroom floor. As you may remember, he'd torn it all up in the process of replacing the pipes the week before. Before he could put the tile down though, he had to grind, grind, grind the cement slab until it was smooth and level, apply a thin coat of cement-like stuff (that's the scientific term) and then FINALLY lay the tiles. Using glue that didn't come with directions. It was a long and sometimes frustrating day for him. Here he is during the grinding process. The photo isn't fuzzy, that's the cement dust creating a haze. Let me tell you that was fun to clean off every.single.surface in the house the next day. NOT! My husband is a man of many talents. He's also growing a winter garden which is a source of great enjoyment as we watch green things grow. I feel like I should paste a warning in the corner of this photo: "Objects may be closer than they appear." This is CLOSE-UP people, these lettuce plants are only about 2-3" tall. Monday was our monthly marathon shopping day in Cordoba. While we were downtown checking on our D.N.I.s, I noticed this pharmacy (or farmacia) that just tickled my fancy. We went here to check out baseboard options to finish off the bathroom in Sta. Rosa. I could spend hours in this place! Because it's full of great little stores selling every kind of construction material you can imagine. A mall of home improvement -- whoever thought this up was a genius! Ivan snapped this photo along the costanera. Wild parrots are actually rather pesky birds and leave a mess everywhere they go. But they sure are a pretty green. We skyped with both kids when they got together for dinner one night. I was trying to take a photo of the screen with my camera when my son explained I could just take a screen shot with the computer. Duh! I've only had this computer a year and a half. Can there be anyone more technically challenged than me? Anyway, here's the candid shot I took while he was still explaining the finer points. LOL On the left are photos he'd sent of his new haircut and which I'd opened in another window. Or something. I'm not really sure how they're up there along with the video shot of the kids. I'm sure he could explain it to you though. Did you know that fresh mozzarella is almost impossible to shred? We found it's easier to just slice thinly with a cheese slicer. Ivan has gotten to know a man who has designed and built several planes over the years, and Friday I met him and his wife. She's an artist so we took this photo of her with one of her sculptures that's currently in front of their house. Would you believe she actually created it in her living room?! It was a commissioned piece for a plaza in our city but the new mayor reneged on the deal. Meanwhile she provides a little extra pizazz to the neighborhood. Magdalena was telling us she's seen complete strangers stop and take pictures with it. Reminds me of the time we stopped at Wall Drugs in the middle of South Dakota and proceeded to take our photos with everything from a dinosaur to a cowboy sitting on a bench. Does everyone have this odd human compulsion to take photos with any inanimate object as big as (or bigger than) us?

So what's the weirdest thing you've ever had your photo taken with?


Mari said...

When we did our kitchen over last year we had drywall dust over everything so I sympathize with you. I still haven't figured out how to get a screen shot. I've even tried to follow google directions with no luck.

Dena said...

Great photos! I remember vividly all the dust we had when building or remodeling. You just never can seem to get it all.

I am just as technically challenged as you, and maybe more. When you said "screen shot" I looked on my keyboard to see if there was a key for that...LOL.

skoots1mom said...

i have no idea how to make a screen shot...i did it a long time ago in business but that memory is long since!
love the pics on the screen...i want to hug that doggie!
hope you're enjoying your time away...happy anniversary!!
it's gonna be 96* here today...hope the weather is cooperating and you're getting to enjoy the great outdoors comfortably...eager to hear about your trip.
we had a great lesson from our assistant pastor today on Hosea 1-3 with a followup video highlighting God's extreme love for us.
prayers for safe travel, JubiSista!!

beckyjomama said...

I wanna play in that mall. Too fun :)
And, I am IN LOVE with that sculpture! In.LOVE!

sara said...

oh my goodness, I have been to Wall Drug!!! I had to laugh about taking pictures next to inanimate objects...I think I did that all weekend in Memphis! :)

that pizza looked yummy!!

Lisa said...

You are always good for variety! That home improvement mall is a great idea. My brother skypes and has encouraged me to get a camera so we can do it to. Sounds like it is an easy thing to do, and free is good!

Happy Anniversary! Your trip looks fun, not sure about that goat being roasted though. :)