Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wherein my head did not explode and all is well

Nothing was wrong with my computer.

Which makes me very happy, don't get me wrong. But what was up with the craziness on Monday night?!

It is my theory that God works in mysterious ways because we are so completely clueless at times.

Let me explain.

The only reason the hubby went into Cordoba was to get my computer fixed. That's where the nearest Apple store is located. But after he dropped it off for them to look at, he decided to go back to Walmart to have them look at the tires we had put on recently. Despite having them balanced locally the car still vibrates.

I do not understand, nor will I go into detail here, all the problems that ensued. BUT I will just say that the hubby discovered some things had been done (or rather not done) when he had the tires balanced that could have led to a very dangerous situation. Plus other parts are in the process of failing too. This entailed a lot of running around to different places, both in Cordoba and later in Carlos Paz. He was a bit frazzled by the time he made it home, about 11 hours after he left. But we think he has the problem figured out and the parts we need to make things right.

Meaning he has his work cut out for him today. He'll do what he can himself and take it to the mechanic for the rest. Hopefully not the mechanic who didn't screw those things back in place last time, leaving the car an accident just waiting to happen.

And we would not have found all this out if he hadn't taken my in-perfect-working-order-but-bonkers computer in to be fixed.

You may think we were a little hasty in rushing it to the computer doctor so quickly. But let me explain: my computer has ALL our contact information stored in its address book and saved documents that are part of the "office work" I have to send in to our mission each month. It also has bookmarked links to sites where I do Spanish exercises. It isn't just the computer I write my blog on; it is my right hand man, my secretary, my assistant to all things, my gal Friday.

Besides he had Tuesday somewhat free ☺ He can't say that about too many days of the week.

So let's just give a Hallelujah! to a God who protects us when we don't even know we need protecting.


Mari said...

Hallelujah! I love hearing about how God is watching over us all the time, even as you said - when we don't think we need it!

Susan D said...

Praise His wonderful Name for protecting you. I love how He watches out for us....even when we are oblivious to it. -- Like the new look on your page. Blessings, SusanD

Linda said...

Hallelujah! What we think of as happenstance is really God inspired.

I hope you have all your info backed up on an external hard drive.

Sharon said...

OK,this comment is going to be negative, but I have EVERY RIGHT! No one should ever buy tires at Walmart, even though they seem to be name brands, they are the low end of those brands and sometimes it's just not worth the savings. Besides which Walmart does their darnedst best to put the small business owner out of business. Finally, Walmart does not hire profesional mechanics. And THOSE, my friends, are my two cents worth!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

External drive ....girl you need to get one. I have on and I back up the laptop every moth to keep from loosing all my stuff.

anyway glad your head did not explode we would have missed you terrible!!!!!

skoots1mom said...

Psalm 121:3
He will not let your foot slip— He, who watches over you, will not slumber!

love how He's true to His Word
thank you, God, for their not having any accidents or issues because of these oversight.

another God-incidence...another blessing for the "God log"...Go, God!!

sara said...

I love it when God works that is so unmistakable that it is Him!!

glad your computer is fine and even more glad you did not have an accident in your car!

rita said...

Wow, not only are you back, but with a new look!How do you find time to do so much?
Amazing God-incidences!