Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An internet break I wasn't looking for...

The internet was working great when we arrived in Sta. Rosa on Friday evening, Saturday morning not so much, and then it basically quit. Periodically it would work for a few minutes and then stop. Drove.Me.Nuts.

Totally missed participating in Project 365 on Sunday. I plan on doing two-weeks-in-one this coming weekend.

Cleaned house Sunday, dusting and sweeping and mopping up the thick layer of dust that settled everywhere during the bathroom floor installation on Saturday. The hubby had to grind (and grind and grind...) the cement slab so it was smooth and even before putting down the tiles.

But now the house is clean and ready for our co-workers to enjoy this coming weekend.

We arrived home with just an hour to shower and get ready for Sunday meeting; I didn't even finish unpacking before we had to go. Afterward one of our friends and his daughter came over so we could watch a home video. Our friend is from Paraguay and he'd gone back a few months ago for a big surprise party for one of his cousins.

What a party! Amazing amounts of fabulous looking food that left me drooling, especially the huge pan of paella (no kidding, that pan was probably four feet in diameter!). The birthday boy's wife owns a dance studio and there were close to a dozen groups or individuals who performed. Our friend did a traditional folk dance with the-cousin's-wife-who-owns-a-dance-studio, both in full costume. Very cool! It was funny because at first his daughter didn't realize it was him on the video -- here she is looking intently at the screen just before it dawned on her that she was watching her dad.
Monday was our monthly all-day shopping trip into Cordoba. Didn't get home until ten last night and boy, we were tired! Checked on our D.N.I.s (still not in), went to a mall full of businesses selling various construction materials, then stopped at a home improvement store similar to Lowe's, a warehouse place kinda like Sam's Club, and finally Walmart. We'd planned on eating supper when we got home but we were SO hungry by the time we hit Walmart, we succumbed to the lure of McDonalds. Sad but true. The last three stores are all on an end of town where there are simply no restaurants, except for in-store caf├ęs like McDonalds.

It feels like I've been through a drought after I couldn't blog myself, or read anyone else's for several days. A mound of paperwork awaits my attention so it will probably be a couple days before I get caught up. Those I follow are safe from silly southern comments for a while.

When I do comment, it may be in Spanglish.

I've been trying to think in Spanish. Which is sorta kinda like talking to myself. Either way, I'm not very good at it yet. I can't figure out what I'm trying to think half the time. What's scary is that I'm beginning to forget my English too. Soon I will no longer be able to think at all!

And with that happy thought, I'm going to go sort receipts.


Susan D said...

When the thoughts in both languages stop and you hit the proverbial wall; that's when the damn will break and all your thoughts will come gushing out in both languages. Look.out! Then there will be no stopping you. :) Blessings, SusanD

sara said...

I did miss you on Sunday for project 365!!

And I will actually be looking forward to some comments in spangish!!!

Mari said...

I'm glad your internet is working now. Maybe if mine quit my house would be all clean like yours is!

skoots1mom said...

so glad you were not sick...
missed you @ 365

rita said...

Yeah, that's what I wondered about too. Glad you have the energy to do ALL that!
How did the service go, after our 'visit' interrupted your preparations? And Ivan's message?

Sharon said...

Went to Cerulean last night for our 25th anniversary (Tina wasn't working). Your son and grandkids (Leo and Bailey) are spending the day with me. Are you jealous?