Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little game of tag

This day has been set aside to meet Mari’s challenge! But first I need to have that 2nd cup of coffee while I allow myself to be still and know that God is with me, because it is good to wait quietly on Him. I desire to start the day finding sacred in the common and as I raise my hands, His glory is revealed.

On days when I have time I love to get out bits and pieces of fabric, common threads, and all sorts of supplies and be an artsy craftsy babe. I brought boxes of material with me although it’s possible I will work for fabric when it runs out.

Most days we’re involved in ministry so fabulous I don’t have time for anything else. We love to host people in our home and often have someone over on Thursday for dinner when I make everything way more homemade than I would have in the U.S. because I can no longer run to Greg’s General Store to buy the ready-made products.

(There are a lot of things I can’t get here so no daydreaming about grits, fried okra or cornbread and beans!)

Here in my little corner of the world, I often feel like a resident alien. People are nice but it’s still hard for me to follow the threads of conversation in Spanish. As tough as it is, I have to remember that it coulda’ been worse -- God could have sent me to some country where the lingua is even more difficult!

Do you ever think about how people see you? I wonder, because of my limited linguistics, do I come across as the village idiot savant? Does being quiet because I don't know what to say translate into haughty like a Queen B? Or does my goofy humor prove I’m just a fun old hag?

From my perspective, there’s only one thing I can do to help others see me the way I’d like to be seen: Be more like Christ. And I do that by daily Scripture reading, prayer and obedience to His Word.

Don’t look now but it’s YOUR turn to play tag! If you’re reading this, you’re IT!


skoots1mom said...

oh, well done
it really made my brain work and it got my writing in a little different style...
that was a fun exercise.
thanx for linking us back to mary to play
my hubby's standing on the great wall of china today...
how weird is that?

sara said...

wow! that was very creative!!!

Mari said...

Wow - you did such a great job! That flowed so well. Thanks for playing along!

Debbie said...

You did this very well!

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Kim, that is hillarious. :)