Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just random stuff in no particular order

I had planned to post last evening but was just too whooped. My brain was like mush by then. But I'm encouraged at how much more I'm understanding each week. I still don't get it all, but I'm doing better each time.

By the grace of God.

Had a great conversation with Graciela in the morning about everything from ill parents to weddings to free concerts. She told me about a place near Buenos Aires that I'd really like to visit sometime. Villa Gesell was founded by German immigrants (the Gesell family) who planted thousands of pines along the six plus square miles of sand dunes they bought on the Atlantic coast and, in the words of Wikipedia, it has been a popular tourist destination since the 1940s. During the summer there are free concerts every night. AND free camping but you have to get your reservations in early!

I also learned a new cultural tidbit in Spanish class. While in the U.S. we use the phrase "single mother" to denote anyone raising their kids alone, whether single, divorced or widowed, here that phrase is used only when referring to mothers who have never been married. Good to know so I (hopefully) won't embarrass myself by using it inappropriately.

Toward the end of our Bible study with Nestor and Graciela, an older man stopped by who sometimes hires Nestor to help him. He's a sign maker and Nestor does specialty woodworking. He was meticulous and kept telling Nestor to "make a note" as he went over what he wanted him to do. Graciela told us later that he takes his work very seriously, and pays attention to every little detail. Anyway, the point is that this man is 82 and amazingly spry. He's from Cosquin (across the lake) but yesterday he traveled into Cordoba, then came to Carlos Paz before heading back to Cosquin. Without a car. He took buses where he could, walked where there were none -- over 100 km altogether. Eighty-two years old! I want to be like him when I grow up.


I spent a portion of yesterday trying to pick out new frames. I need new glasses and thought I had it all figured out, had gotten input from my kids and sister-in-law a week or so ago and ultimately chose a really cute pair. Then yesterday morning found out I couldn't have them because they're too thin for bifocals. Bifocal lenses apparently have to be at least 32 mm high. Not a single pair of frames in my "selection pool" were tall enough. Totally back to the drawing board. Looking only at frames with lenses 32 mm tall AND paying careful attention to the width of the lenses/frames as well. I have a small face and don't want frames that are so large they look ridiculous. It wasn't easy finding lenses high enough and yet not too wide. Ugh.

It looks like I'll end up with a pair that's almost a twin of my current glasses.

It's either that or go with a pair of retro aviator frames. I say retro but they're not which is why I won't choose them.

That and I don't look good in them.

I really wanted cool new frames.


After deciding I had wasted spent enough time wringing my hands and torturing myself with a severe case of DMD (decision-making disorder) I sent the possibilities to my kids and sister-in-law and stopped thinking about it.

Which wasn't that hard since I spent most of the day trying to communicate in a foreign language and that's a rather time-consuming project all by itself.


I realized yesterday that we're going away this weekend and I'm not altogether sure we'll have internet. So I may or may not participate in Project 365 on Sunday. If I can figure out how to do auto-post maybe I can get it ready Friday before we leave. Anyone have any words of wisdom or instructions on how to do auto post? (Is that even what it's called? You know, when you set it up so it posts automatically at a specific, pre-determined time.)


Smudge said...

You want to quiz your eye doctor further. Unless you need a particular type of bifocal then you can get the no-line progressive lenses in frames as narrow as 25mm.

As about "short corridor" no line bifocals. Ask about Varilux Ellipse or something similar. Even a Varilux Comfort can squeeze into a 28mm height!

What's your rx? Unless it's a high one you should be fine with one of these.

Mari said...

I have that DMD too. Choosing glasses is especially difficult!
To do an auto post, you get your post ready as usual. Then on the bottom, where it says post options, set the date and time to when you want it to post. Hit post and you will get a message that the post will go up at the appointed time. That's all there is to it! Good luck!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

There should be a link at the bottom of your post box labeled "options" if you click on this link you have the option to select the date and time when you want your post to be published.

oh and loved DMD, I suffer from it all the time!

rita said...

I have acute DMD when it comes to deciding what to do with ALL the stuff both M & I brought back from our work places, add to that ALL that was here already.
And our Basque teen is arriving this evening!
Gotta get back to work!

sara said...

I have to wear bifocals too so I am limited to the frames I get...ugh!

Mari already commented on how to set a date for your post...just follow her directions!!! it's easy!!

If you want, you can set your 365 to post on Sunday and then I can link you up on Mr. Linky. just let me know!

skoots1mom said...

you have been busy
villa gesell does sound like a great place to visit...
i'm due for an eye appt
these hormones keep changing my vision, so i'm not sure what i'll need
if i need glasses, i'm hopeful i can do contacts...who knows how it will fall

have a good trip :)