Friday, June 26, 2009

Y'all are the best!

I have the best blog buddies! Thanks for the info on how to auto post -- so glad it's a simple function :-) The hubby reminded me we have that 3G thingy which provides internet access via the cell phone so we should be okay. But I think I'll still get the post ready today just in case. If nothing else, I'm pretty sure uploading photos will be quicker and easier from here.

The DMD continued throughout yesterday as I compulsively kept going back to the website to look at frames. I ended up sending a few more options to my "selection committee" and my daughter likes this pair; she says "they're smarty pant glasses, and you're a smarty pants, so they'd work for you". She even says she'd wear them!

They're certainly different from anything I've ever had before.

She suggested getting them in brown.

The other two options are these (which the daughter also liked, in either blue or silver) and these (which the son preferred in brown).

Decisions, decisions.

Anyone else want to weigh in with their pick?

I've decided to wait until next week to order because the DMD? It is severe. As in I CANNOT MAKE UP MY MIND!!!

It's funny. I can make quicker decisions when it comes to more serious issues. Why is this paralyzing me?

One decision I didn't have a hard time making at all is to go for a root canal. (You're wondering who in their right mind would want a root canal, right? ME!) I have a molar that has been worked on multiple times over the years and when the dentist cleaned out the cavity last evening, there wasn't much tooth left. So I have a temporary filling and go back next week for a root canal and then a crown. My thinking on this issue? Just get it over with already!

I also didn't have to think long about whether to put off our trip this weekend until tomorrow so we could attend a book fair today. Books in ENGLISH! Spanish, too, but I'm obviously more interested in the ones in English. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I sure hope they have some good ones. A local private school where they teach English is hosting the fair, but there will be a number of different vendors. Yeehaw! Books! What a great way to start the weekend :-)

Hope y'all have a good one too!


Mari said...

It's funny how that DMD works with me. I have it full fledged for myself, but for you I have no trouble picking out glasses. I say choice #1 - no question! They are very cute!

rita said...

I would agree with Mari. The #2 pair reminded me of one I had where the side screws were so long they drew attention.
BTW, weren't the #1s closer to the Sarah Palin style? :)

skoots1mom said...

i love the #1 pair ... a contrasting color to your hair would be nice.
yep, they're my fav.
i spent the day potting plants and getting a couple of new things in my wore me OUT!

I had to stop twice due to the heat...i kept getting dizzy, so i'd come in the house, cool off a little while sipping some tea and then head back out to continue.
It ended up taking me 3 hours to get a new herb pot done on my back deck along with 3 portulaca in my 3-tiered rack(in orange/bright pink), two new rudibeckia (they almost look like large black-eyed susans) in my front yard island, two drought-tolerant annuals in my front-stoop cement pots and another drought-tolerant annual in my green terracotta basket by my garage.
i'll get some pics and post on 365 probably.
DD is off i have to do dinner. don't have a clue what i'm gonna fix yet.
enjoy your weekend...take pics if you can :)

sara said...

My vote is for the first pair hands down....they look like mine, so I am a bit biased!!

Melissa said...

OOH, a book fair. I love them!!! Hope you find some great reads in English.
And the #1 pair are fab.

Debbie said...

A root canal? That sounds like something I could put off forever!