Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Bathroom Has No Storage

We finally signed the rental agreement today but won't get a copy of it until after the realtor has had a chance to have it "authorized" at the bank [yet another way to add to the expense of renting a house here]. So still haven't been able to get the gas and electric turned on but the keys are in our possession.

And first thing on the agenda was getting locks re-keyed for security. That meant the hubby had to stay at the house all afternoon since that left everything wide open. But the locksmith was true to his word and had them finished by 6:30 p.m. and within a short time the hubby and our co-worker had all the locks re-installed. House secured.

My Spanish lesson was rescheduled for the afternoon to accommodate the signing in the morning, so I rushed back here for that. Today we worked on family relationships. Prior to class I created a family tree. Then I (attempted to) explain in Spanish how each one was related to the others.

After class I made some hot tea and watched CNN. Either the weather has been the same for weeks (hurricane after hurricane) or my weather-related vocabulary is increasing because it was surprising how much I understood.

And speaking of weather, it was COLD today. The coldest it's been since we arrived. Down in the low 50s and several people told us it was snowing in the Sierras. Brrrr!

My co-worker and I stayed at the house while our hubbies went to pick up the locks. We walked through the house and talked about things that will need to be done. I knew the bathroom didn't have any storage but I couldn't remember if there was anywhere to put any. There isn't. If they hadn't stuck a bidet in there (very European in that sense; almost every house I've been in here has a toilet and a bidet) we'd have space for a tall skinny cabinet. But as it is, THERE IS NOWHERE TO PUT STORAGE EXCEPT HIGH ABOVE MY HEAD. The ceiling in the bath is quite high and it's only tiled to about the 6' level. So we could put some shelves or a cabinet above the tile. But how am I supposed to reach it?

The hubby said all his time at the house left mixed emotions. Primary feeling? "There is SO MUCH to be done!"

Yep, he's got that right.

But tonight I'm too tired to even think about it. So let's not.

Instead let's just say again how wonderful it is to be so connected. In the past 24 hours I've been able to talk to both my kids via the internet. Whoever invented Skype should be awarded a Nobel Prize. Or something. Because it is truly a WONDERFUL invention! The hubby snapped a photo of me talking to my daughter while I looked at her beautiful face. *sigh* God has been gracious and missing my kids has not been unbearable. One morning I did wake up pretty homesick for them, tears beginning to sting my eyes, but then I remembered how truly terrible the tissues are, maybe one step up from fine-grade sandpaper, and I didn't cry.

All bets are off once the Puffs arrive though.


Kathy said...

No storage- That does not surprise me. At both of the houses I was in this past May in Buenos Aires there was no storage in the restroom.... but let's not forget the bidet!!!
Paul wishes that USA had bidet's in all homes.... Growing up with them makes it hard to adjust without them!
I will pray that you do not feel so homesick for your children. I know I was pretty homesick when away from college.... So I can only imagine!

rita said...

How about hanging shelves from the ceiling?
Enjoy the bidet :)

86 My Social Life said...

Build a cabinet around the bidet.... bidets are creepy...

s hoyt said...

Have you made any connection between the quality of the toilet paper and the need for a bidet? Let's just think on that for a moment....

Elizabeth said...

Well the nicest thing is that you are so well connected to people and things going on here in the US... it is truly amazing that you can be there and we can be here and yet we see you (through your little videos) and we read about what is going on...
It is truly amazing!

tina in thailand said...

ahhh, Puffs tissues!
When my mom came to visit last summer, she brought me several boxes in her carry on. Puffs Plus no less. Heavenly. :)