Monday, September 1, 2008

New Shoes On The First Day Of School

In honor of my first day of Spanish with Marcela, I broke out the new pair of Reeboks!

Growing up we always started school in the fall with a few new outfits, and definitely new shoes because our feet had grown over the summer and our "school shoes" no longer fit. I loved that feeling of having a whole new outfit on the first day of school, from underwear to new headband (hey, I'm a child of the 60s, what can I say?).

Other occasions for new outfits: Christmas, Easter, and sometimes Fourth of July. At Easter we also had new hats and gloves, white patent leather shoes to go with the new white patent leather purse, and when we were very young the underwear was the frilly kind. Remember the rows and rows of lace? Had to be uncomfortable sitting on all that bulky lace but what we women won't endure for the sake of fashion!

Christmas meant a new dress in red and/or green, new socks and maybe a hair bow. Fourth of July was usually a cute little peddle-pusher outfit and my favorite had a matching floppy hat and string purse. I was a totally stylin' 9-year-old!

Spanish with Marcela is going to be WONDERFUL. I love having the one-on-one sessions because sitting across the table, she can immediately tell by the blank look on my face when I'm confused. I can't believe how fast the time flew this morning! We'll be meeting first thing Mondays through Wednesdays, later in the morning on Thursdays and Friday evenings.

She said I could ask about learning specific vocabulary, and I've requested that we cover some hair phrases tomorrow since I really, really need a haircut and it would be nice to be able to communicate somewhat with the stylist later this week. The hubby will be with me and can help, but it would be better if I am able to describe what I want and not depend on him. Otherwise I might end up with a bowl cut. I can just hear him saying, "Hey, short is short!" And then trying to comfort me later, "But honey, it'll grow out!"


My hair grows VERY, VERY SLOWLY so that would not be much comfort at all. I once tried to grow my hair out. After almost four years it was finally down to my shoulders.

So, yes, hair phrases are very important in this language acquisition process.

Just as it was important to wear my new shoes today. How do you mark significant days?


86 My Social Life said...

Aww, happy to hear you're excited about "school" :)

rita said...

Que lo pases rebien en las clases con Marcela...y con zapatos nuevos!

Hope it doesn't get too hairy!