Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Beautiful Day To Be In Carlos Paz

The sun came out and that fresh-earth-after-rain-smell is intoxicating. I'm feeling so refreshed! [The coffee from YPF may have helped, too.] I spent most of the morning checking out some great Spanish websites and printing out verb-related info. If anyone is interested in learning Spanish, these are very helpful:,, and

My hubby made a most delicious lunch. He peeled and sliced some orange squash (calabaza) into a casserole dish and poured a mixture of egg and milk over it and then topped with some sausage (a substitution for the bacon we'd normally use) and baked until done (about an hour). Yum! Plus a salad to go with it.

Now he's off for an afternoon at the aerodome! I'm so excited for him. Marcela knows a veterinarian whose hobby is flying so Ivan stopped to meet him this morning and Luis invited him to go along this afternoon. I guess Luis flies just about every weekend. And from experience with the hubby, I know these guys just love hanging out around airplanes.

I'm taking a break for tea and chocolate before going back to "mis verbos". And maybe a walk, too. The day is too beautiful to let it pass by without a walk. Ah, life is good!


rita said...

And one of those websites, or all, should have info about how to access Spanish characters with whatever type of computer you have.
So glad you're having a beautiful day and enjoying being a student. That is Kristie's near-full-time occupation now too...pero no en espaƱol.
Very exciting about the flying connection for Ivan.
One of these days you will find your quilting connection/s.
Whatever happened with the walking club?

86 My Social Life said...

Hey, Grandma really wants one of those squashes. What is it in english??? Can we get it here??