Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cleaning Day

I'll be out of the office all day...

Actually I'll be cleaning at the house so I can HAVE an office! We're down to the wire here since the hubby leaves Saturday night, heading to Buenos Aires and the task of getting our container through customs. When he returns, hopefully it will be with all our STUFF. So we really, really, really want to have the house cleaned and painted before he goes.

And life has just kept us busy with other things. But today we are getting started! Our co-workers will pick us up shortly and take us to buy paint and the remainder of the necessary cleaning supplies. Our original plan was to walk to the paint store and take a taxi from there to the house, so this saves us both time and money to have them help with transportation.

I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat with anticipation about what colors we'll be using, since I made a big deal about being able to choose them. We're going to use...WHITE. I know, I know, Boring Big Time. But the house, except for the living room with its two walls of windows, is dark -- only one window per room. AND the floors are black. So we really do need some white to brighten the place up.

I figure we can add color with furniture and accessories. Okay, with accessories. Unless somehow I end up with that lipstick red couch I've been daydreaming about for years. The few pieces of furniture we brought are all off white. Sensing a theme here? It's called "Let's play it safe with neutral colors until we know what we're working with..."

I prefer to look at it like this: The house is a blank slate just waiting for our creativity to perk it up and make it a unique space that feels like our home. And I do have ideas! Yes, indeedy I do. So stay tuned for further installments of Creating A Home From Scratch In A Foreign Country On A Very Slim Budget And Limited Options In Furniture Of A Comfortable Nature.

This is what I want. But I'm afraid I'll end up with something like this.


Elizabeth said...

Fun... be sure to take pictures when you are all done... before all your STUFF gets put in and then after... I'll be praying all goes well for Uncle Ivan to get your container through customs without any problems.
Have fun cleaning and painting.

s hoyt said...

WHITE? (?)
I tried to find a picture for show-and-tell, but will have to settle for describing our couch in Neuquen. It was gold, with a tapestry pattern and PLASTIC. Not soft vynyl, but hard, slippery plastic. I could never stay seated on it because it was so high and slippery.

rita said...

You will do wonders, I know.
By the time we get to go down and visit it will be a place of comfort and beauty! Have fun cleaning and dreaming!

Ma Hoyt said...

I think you should buy whatever couch you can and then paint it red.