Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Heart Youtube

Because living overseas makes it hard to get the news in English, I can -- and do -- hop online daily to check and But there's little in the way of video available.

These days I'm like most people, curious about Sarah Palin, and interested in hearing her in her own words. Not some Spanish voice over.

And then today I realized probably has plenty of footage, so I jumped over there. I listened to the speech she gave in Dayton last Friday after McCain introduced her as his running mate. The internet here is a little slow (REALLY slow in the evenings for some reason) so it was a little choppy but not too bad.

So far I like what I see. Tomorrow I'll go to youtube again to hear what she had to say at the Republican Convention tonight.

No reporter is completely unbiased. They bring their worldviews and experiences to any story. So I'm always a little cynical of what I read, whether from a "liberal" or "conservative". That's why I like going to the "original source". In this case, Sarah Palin herself. I'll be watching and listening to what SHE has to say about the things that are important to me.

And not paying undue attention to what the talking heads are saying about what she is saying. Or trying to extrapolate what they think she's saying.

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rita said...

Here it is past 11 p.m. and Mother and Dad just finished listening to Sarah. WOW!!!!!!We are super impressed. God bless America!