Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Ago

NOTE: Tomorrow we head to Resistencia in northern Argentina, and we're not sure if there will be internet access on this trip. A change of plan moved our departure from evening to noon. So the Give-Away will still end at noon but it may be next week before I can announce a winner. Just so you know :-)

Back home folks are remembering 9/11. Here in Argentina they are remembering former president Sarmiento who greatly expanded the public education system over a century ago, by giving all the teachers and students a day off. A day of mourning there and a day of celebration here.

On the original 9/11 we were in Uganda and even out in the bush we received the news within minutes of the attack. I learned what had happened when our son called and, wonder of wonders, actually got through (an unusual occurrence). The hubby was at the nearby hospital waiting for someone, so he decided to visit a friend who worked and lived on site. That friend had his TV on, watching the events unfold so the hubby joined him just as the collapse of the second tower was televised.

Within hours our embassy had e-mailed all U.S. citizens to stay put and not venture into Kampala until notified that it was safe. All the Americans at Kasana and Kiwoko gathered at our friend's house that night to watch the news. We saw dancing, cheering crowds around the world celebrating the attack on our homeland. And we saw the towers falling again and again.

Was it only seven years ago? It seems a life time ago. So much has happened since then and now I find myself in another foreign country on yet another continent.

I thought I was doing okay with the changes in my life.

But it would appear I'm not handling stress as well as I thought. The hubby informed me that I'm doing some serious teeth grinding at night so out came the bite guard again. It's been a month or eight since I last used it. Because it's not the most comfortable torture device dental aide, there's been an avoidance issue. But the aching jaw and toothache are even more uncomfortable.

A big part of the problem is due to my control-freak-tendency which has been seriously short-circuited this past year. Losing even the illusion that I have some modicum of control has not been easy. But God knew I needed to be reminded that He's not only in control, He is all-sufficient.

I'd like to say I've got it already it but the teeth grinding would indicate otherwise. You'd think more wisdom would come with decades of experiencing God's sufficiency. And you'd be wrong. *sigh* But this journey of faith is on-going and it's not too late to learn the lessons He is teaching.

Thank goodness. [Or how it sounds with the bite guard on, "Thingoooneth".]


s hoyt said...

As one teeth grinder (or is it tooth grinder?) to another: Hang in there my dear friend. Wear the guard and avoid cracking a tooth, my recolections of Argentine dentists are not pleasant. (However, things may have changed in the last 30 years)

rita said...

Oh, yeah, Día del Maestro! Immediately the song came to mind Enjoy!
Sorry about the teeth :(
Hope you have a wonderful retreat!