Friday, September 5, 2008

Spring Will Officially Arrive In 16 Days

But when we opened the door this morning...

I may be smiling but I.Am.Not.Amused. It snowed all morning and it was coming down much harder an hour or so after we shot this video.

We'd given all the space heaters, warm sweaters and coats back to our co-workers because the weather has had been so warm. They re-loaned them to us again.

I keep hearing how hot it will be in Resistencia, where we're heading next Friday. But I'm not so sure. My guess is they're in for a little cold spell come next weekend.


rita said...

Brrrrr... Qué frío!
Just looked up Resistencia next Thursday 44-77, not too bad. Hopefully the snow will not follow you there!

tina in thailand said...

Thanks for the encouraging words about homeschooling, I appreciate them. I know we have just started this and it will take a while to get some our kinks worked out.
Hubby just reminded me this morning that is my new ministry for now, that it does not do any good to fight it, but to commit it the Hands of our Lord just as we did coming here to Thailand.
Hope you warm up!
We are eager waiting for cold season and you are waiting for the heat. :)