Monday, March 16, 2009

A date with my hubby: a trip into Cordoba

We had fun getting some things done in Cordoba without rushing around like maniacs (our usual m.o. when we go to the provincial capital). It was still a tiring day, with more walking than I've done in a while. I had the start of a meltdown mid-afternoon but the hubby made me take a break and have something cold to drink and I soon revived.

Then as we headed back to the car, we stopped at a little store where the hubby had seen a thermos and some odds and ends he wanted. I was just standing and waiting when suddenly the voice of an angel began to sing. Ahhhh, nothing like a little Percy Sledge on the radio to perk a girl right up!

I have a pretty eclectic musical palate. I enjoy the old hymns, anything by Aaron Copland, bluegrass, celtic, pop, big band...and a few artists whose voices make my heart sing with joy! Percy is one of them. Hearing him in that little import store in the middle of Argentina on a Monday afternoon was like a little gift ☺

Speaking of gifts, my dear hubby carved a big chunk of time out of the day to track down the area where several large fabric stores are located. But our foray for flannel was foiled.

Sorry. Alliteration is a sure sign I'm tired.

Seriously though, it was disappointing to discover that 100% cotton is hard to come by in any form, flannel or otherwise. I've never seen so much polyester outside of a '70s convention. Comfort is key in my book and wearing polyester is akin to wrapping yourself in plastic. Ick! No thanks.

And in quilting I happen to be a purist who will use any and all materials in my art quilts but not in ones I hope people will snuggle with, such as the baby quilt I'm currently working on.

Let's bow our heads for a moment of silent prayer as I contemplate a life with limited access to cotton. Que triste!

We also checked out Carrefour where we did the bulk of our shopping. This is sort of a French Walmart (although I doubt they'd appreciate the comparison) and they're all over the world. I was impressed with the cleanliness and wide aisles, but they didn't have any peanut butter so we still had to make a quick stop at Wally World for that lone item. Which I'm happy to say they did have (not always the case).

As tired as I am tonight, it made me realize there's no way I'm physically up to a trip I was hoping to make. There's a quilt show in Buenos Aires that started today and goes through the end of the month. It only happens once every two years. Once.Every.Two.Years!

Oh well.

To cheer myself up, I found Percy on youtube. Maybe you need a little picker-upper too?


Mari said...

Sounds like a fun but busy day. I have eclectic tastes in music too - a lot similar to yours! I'm sorry about the cotton. :(

junglewife said...

I feel your pain with the cotton thing. Even most sheets and towels here are made of polyester. A polyester towel?!?!? Anyway, I'm glad there were some bright spots to your day :-)

We have Carrefour here too. Well, not HERE here. Actually not anywhere on Papua! But back on Java they have Carrefour and that's where I did most of my shopping when we lived in language school. The people who lived around me and bought things day-to-day couldn't believe when I would come home with FOUR small bags of laundry soap, and TEN kilos of flour at a time!!!

rita said...

I remember Carrefour from Spain.
I will have to look for Percy music to know what I am missing. (the video did not work)

Dear, dear Kim! The book arrived today and looks delightful, something to be treasured and savored. Of course, I love literature!!! but cooking is not my favorite. What I am hoping is that this book will inspire and awaken that joy in me. That is something I have loved learning about you and from you--el deleite en la cocina!

Leigh of said...

Hi Kim!

You and I have much in common. Southern girls. Love music (I like anything but rap) And I love quilts! I do not quilt however, I am in awe of you. That is amazing. A real art. Sounds liek you had an enjoyable trip!
THX so much for dropping by my blog! I love comments, and it isa great roadmap to great blogs, like yours! Thanks! I love new friends!
You are invited to Bloggeritaville anytime!

Christy said...

Kim - I'm so glad you're blogging. I love reading about all you're doing.

Debbie said...

I love alliteration! Sorry you didn't have much luck.