Saturday, March 28, 2009

Forget Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Or Slimfast -- just let me send you a bottle of water from my faucet

I had my hubby get the winter clothes down from storage this week. Not because it's getting cold -- it's 95° today -- but because I knew there were some smaller pants in there somewhere. And I'm tired of swimming in my size 18's.

I've worn 18's for a couple of years and toward the end of our time in the U.S. even those were a little snug. Tight enough that I often unbuttoned the waistband so I could, you know, BREATHE.

Deputation can be dangerous to your weight. We put over 10,000 miles on the car in those last 4-1/2 months, the vast majority directly related to deputation, and much of that excess poundage can be attributed to countless stops at Sonic and Subway during our multitudinous miles of travel. As well as being taken out to eat after many a church service.

Fast forward a few months...when we moved into our house in October I made the mistake of drinking the water. Silly, I know. It's not like I'm an unseasoned traveler. For crying out loud, I spent a year in Africa and never had a problem! Total lapse in good judgment...

...which led to a pretty significant weight loss. I'm 40 lbs. lighter after my intestinal fortitude lost its forte [Origin: 1715–25; < L fortis strong] but totally had a 'tude with me! Wearing size 18 now makes me look like a bag lady who's last in line at the dumpster.

Gotta confess that before we left the U.S. I took stock of my failure to significantly lose weight over the past ten years and got rid of almost all my size 14's. You see, I gave myself a pep talk, "Get real here, girl. If it hasn't happened in ten years, what's the chance of it happening now? When you know that you eat when you're stressed and how stressed are you gonna be trying to learn a new language and culture?" So my sane self listened to the voice of reason and we packed up those carefully hoarded size 14's and took them to Goodwill.

But I did bring a few 16's...Just.In.Case. This week as I searched through seven boxes of clothes, I found 4 pair that work. Two pair of jeans, a pair of khakis and one pair of lightweight navy blue dress pants.

They're all a little big, but still better than the 18's ☺

Oh, and I found a nicer pantsuit in Medium that fits like a dream now. The last time I wore it (five years ago to my son's college graduation) I looked like a stuffed sausage.

Plus a Banana Republic dress I picked up at a second hand shop a few years back in my "hope springs eternal" phase of thinking I'd lose weight Some Day. That day has arrived and the dress fits perfectly. Yay!

Finding those things was the highlight of my week. The low point was my second appointment with the gynecologist. I occasionally get frustrated at my lack of ability to communicate in Spanish, but today was beyond frustrating. I HATE feeling stupid and not understanding something this important. I need to know what she thinks, how she plans to address my problems, when these different tests are going to take place. And when she told my husband I was spoiled it didn't sit well with me. How does wanting to know what's going on get translated into being spoiled?! I really, really wanted to just get on a plane and fly back to MY DOCTOR. Dr. Deb, who's been taking care of me for years and years, and who knows my medical history and explains why she wants to do this or that, and patiently answers my questions.

Some of my health issues right now relate to my age. I'm starting this wonderful chapter of life called The Change. I've done some research online and looks like I'll have to do a lot more if I want to know what's going on. I'm not sure even a higher level of proficiency in Spanish would help with this doctor. Or maybe it's just the culture and patients are expected to shut up and do whatever the doctor says, no questions asked.

Go ahead and call me spoiled, but that's just not my style! I like to be a little more proactive.

This experience today makes me all the more thankful for my "health guru" back in the U.S. who's working through some nutritional issues with me. Because while some things are attributable to The Change, others are not. The parasites last fall depleted my body and kept me from absorbing much needed nutrients, so a big part of getting healthy again is getting my body back in balance nutritionally. And Katie is great about explaining what different supplements do and how my diet and water intake optimize the process and she answers all my questions and she's never, ever, not even once called me spoiled.

Even if I am ☺


Mari said...

You are far from spoiled! I hope you can find out more information and maybe find another Dr.
Hooray for you for your weight loss! Maybe I should come visit you for a while!

Linda Goossen said...

Maybe I need to come visit too, but if I got that far, I'd better go see the BIl and SIL. They would probably be upset if I didn't stay with them. Then, that would defeat the purpose of going, because she is a wonderful cook, and I'd probably be in a size 20. YIKES!

Congratulations on your weight loss, but I'm sorry you had to do it by being 'out of sorts'. As for the change, you'll make it, and then you will feel great. At least, that is what happened to me...a LONG time ago! Now I'm just tired!

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Well, if you're spoiled, then I'm sure that I'm a spoiled BRAT where health is concerned.

I know you're excited to fit into some of those smaller sizes... but the challenge will be maintaining while getting your body completely healthy again.

junglewife said...

Yay for weight loss, no matter what the reason, right?! :-)

Seriously, I hope your body gets its issues worked out soon, and that you will start feeling better. Hopefully that weight will stay off, and you will just be healthy!

skoots1mom said...

i'm working on losing, a turtle.

deliops...that doctor must be backwards calling you spoiled. Hope you find a more compassionate one that finds the why's ... my doctor once told me it was in my head...aaaggghhhh!

congrats on fitting into your dress! praying you get better and better.

rita said...

What on earth was said that came across as "spoiled". No entiendo!

Sandy said...

I love when you post these things, I've added your site to my top ten health blog list.