Friday, March 27, 2009

Here's me just rambling again...

After art class yesterday I showed my hubby what I'd spent two hours working on and he said, "Oh, that's cool!" So I asked, "Any idea what it is?" and he confessed, "Not a clue."

I am really, really bad at art. But I'm having a great time being bad ☺ I enjoy hanging out with other ladies, even if I only understand a fraction of what they're talking about.

This week I took two Quilting Arts magazines to show my teacher because I wanted to know what they call it here. I've heard the term "patchwork" used in reference to quilts but I really didn't think art quilts fell into that category.

They don't nor do they fall into any existing category. The closest thing is what they simply call tecnica mixta where cloth can be used but, rather than being sewn, it is glued to a wood or canvas base (along with a variety of other materials). Which sounds kind of fun to try!

My art teacher also gave me the name of a famous Argentine artist, Antonio Berni, who is well known for tecnica mixta. She mentioned his Juanito Laguna series as a prime example and I found one of his pieces at The Museum of Fine Art in Houston, TX.

The dead fish smell is gone. Hallelujah! From what we've heard, we can expect this to happen about this time every year. Apparently there are feed lots located right next to the river that flows into the lake, and heavy rains each fall cause flooding and contamination.

Yeah, let's not think about that too much.

We'll just be glad the stinky smell is gone for now.

I made Hidden Valley Ranch dressing for our salad today. Yum! I only mixed half a packet because we use it sparingly but I do plan on a mid-afternoon snack of red pepper slices dipped in Ranch. One of life's finer pleasures ☺ I'm SO GLAD this is not one of the foods I suddenly find disgusting (the iron I'm taking for the anemia makes some things taste gross).

The hubby finished the first bookshelf last night and has the pieces ready to assemble the other two. I can hardly wait to unpack my books!!!

In Spanish we've started working on the past perfect tense. VERY easy tense for which I am so grateful! I was more than ready for an easy tense. The only hard part is memorizing the irregular past participles that go along with the past perfect form of haber. Once I have those memorized, this tense will be a breeze.

One of my homework assignments this weekend is to find examples in the local newspaper. Good excuse to buy the Sunday paper and spend some time sipping coffee at our favorite YPF ☺ So what are you doing this weekend? I know it's hard to beat coffee at a gas station while trying to read a newspaper in a different language, but try not to be so jealous.

Not that I'm jealous or anything, but my son and his wife are in Chicago this weekend. Just want to say: Eat lots of good food, enjoy plenty of city fun, and HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY NATALIE!!!


Linda Goossen said...

I hope you are having a good time in your art class. I took a class given by a lady in our church in 2000. Our pastor's wife encouraged her to share her gift. She taught us the "Donna Dewberry" technique. Look her up on the internet. I paint all my greeting cards, pictures to give to friends, and of course, the ostrich eggs.

Your red pepper sounds wonderful. Of course, I have Hidden Valley dressing...lots of it, but, alas, no red peppers.

My Army Brats and Me said...

WOW! I just ran across your blog and read your profile. I bet traveling is amazing.

skoots1mom said...

can i see the artwork...or are u waiting until it's finished?!

got to get me some bell peppers, i've eaten them all...

i'm still crocheting...i finished a bonnet yesterday and have to get some white silk ribbon for it.

i love chicago in the spring..the neighborhood feel in that city is amazing...would love some UNO pizza right about now...

we're readying ourselves for retreat to panama city beach with 150 high schoolers...i posted about it today. got to get "ma act 2gether" on formulating some of my examples for small group discussions...will work on that 2night...oh, & i gotta shop for a "bathing suit", shhhhh don't say it too loud, it even scares me.
I have beach duty and want to at least get in the ocean one time while I'm there.

hope you're feeling better...i'm feeling much better now that i'm not getting as much sugar and white carb foods...

have a wonderful weekend, JubiSista!
...i'll think of u while drinking my first cup 2morrow!

skoots1mom said...

a little prevenient grace, walking ahead of you for your mission work...i love it.
it's so neat when you look at your life how you can see Him doing those kind of things :)

Debbie said...

I so smile thinking about you and your Hidden Valley Ranch. That is just so cute to me.

tina in thailand said...

Thanks for your sweet anniversary wishes for us. We had a lovely evening and found a great Italian restaurant in the heart of the moat (downtown area). The food was great!
I am very jealous of your art class. I would love love love to take one, as would my daughter. I am now inspired to see what is offered around here, surely there is something!
Please post a picture of your art! I am sure we are all eager to see it.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Had to get caught up on the last few posts here. I wish I had more time to blog! I know I keep saying it, but every time I visit I just leave feeling revitalized because your life is full and you are still growing and learning. That inspires me.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Fine art is in the eye of the beholder! As long as you are having fun and expressing yourself from the heart, you will have to take a picture and share with us if you feel adventurous.

I know ou will be glad to get your books out of theri boxes and on to their new home. There is just something so comforting abut having your own thigns around you. Make you feel reallly at home!


rita said...

Has leido obras de Silas House? compre dos durante mi viaje...
Me acorde mucho de ti en este viaje al sur :)