Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am Oh so Positive...

Not sure if I knew it and forgot it, or never knew it to begin with, but I didn't know my blood type. So when I had more blood work done today, we asked if they could tell me what I am and they did. I am O+ (is that the right way to write that?). Nice to know I wouldn't have any trouble getting blood should I need it. One of our retired missionaries had a rare blood type and gave her own blood while healthy (which helped when she needed surgery).

Stinky smells seem to be following me and I can't help but wonder: What is God trying to teach me? A strong odor pervades our barrio. When we arrived home last night from Sta. Rosa, the stench was incredible. We're about 10-15 blocks from the sewage treatment plant and figured a strong down wind breeze in just the "right" direction was our problem. Wrong. Apparently masses of dead fish washed ashore while we were out of town, and the aroma extends past the costanera right into the downtown area. So we are not alone in our suffering.

Made me long for the intoxicating scent of eucalyptus that we'd left behind in the country earlier. *sigh* I've mentioned Sta. Rosa often so you know it's a place we look forward to getting away to whenever possible. This was a work-related trip although that didn't diminish the pure joy of just being there! We had a strategy session with our co-workers there yesterday. Well, we strategized between several meals, taking a walk, and enjoying each other's company ☺

On our walk, we came across this young man carrying his moto through the ford which was higher than usual due to the rain. Obviously this young man has his priorities straight!

Annie has her priorities straight, too. We had the strategy session yesterday because it was a national holiday and the kids didn't have school. Annie has the right idea about what to do on vacation days! She thoroughly enjoys the hammock we bought from missionary friends in Suriname.

Switching topics without a nice smooth transition sentence...the hubby continues to work on the bookshelves as he has time. He didn't bring a dado blade for his table saw so he's improvising with a hand-held router to make grooves for the shelves to slide into the sides of the book cases. He's wonderfully inventive when it comes to working through problems like that. Back in the early years of our marriage he was slightly offended when he overheard me telling someone that he didn't fix things so much as rig them. I meant that in the nicest possible way! It's just that as an MK he learned to make do and do without because quite often the parts needed for a job just weren't available. I'm very thankful for that early training and his natural bent toward mechanical things.

As much as I'd like to stay and visit a while, it's time to get back to the vocabulary cards. Hasta luego!


skoots1mom said...

sorry you have stinky to do with...put some charcoal in newspaper at your doorways and windows, ha ha!

I'd love to sleep in the hammock but I would so fall out of it!

Mari said...

I'm O-. O is the most common blood type, but I hope you have a short visit too and won't have to put that knowledge to work.
Sorry you have another stinky thing to deal with!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

AB- here! Kinda rare I'm told, but then both my chillens have the same blood type as well.

I hope the air quality improves.


rita said...

Yes, I agree, you are soooo positive, whatever your blood may be. That's what we appreciate about you as you adapt to a new culture.

Susan D said...

I'm lovin that hammock! How's the Spanish comin? Blessings, SusanD