Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 12, Project 365

Time for Project 365, hosted by the inimitable Sara. It was tough choosing which photos to share this week. I had so many good ones! In the end, I narrowed it down to ten I just have to post.

On Monday we made the trek into Cordoba, the provincial capital. This is a drive-by shooting of Patio Olmos, a very nice mall in the heart of the city. Originally it was a school. My language tutor remembers her grandma talking about attending grade school there. Anyway, it's been converted into a mall and is a fun place to hang out, shop, eat in the food court or relax in the outdoor cafe you see here. Quite the edifice, isn't it?!
We walked a lot in the downtown area, window shopping and just enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. We find the juxtaposition of really old and modern side-by-side interesting.
Okay, back to Carlos Paz and the new section of costanera that recently opened. Reminds us of Miami in a way. It's very beautiful but the view is marred by the stink...the sewage treatment plant is across the street. And we know how I am about smells these days! And really, who wants their olfactory sense assaulted while taking a nice walk along the shore?
I had never seen a real live fig tree before we moved here. Actually until recently I'd never eaten a fresh fig. While growing up, the only figs in my house were jellied and found in packaging labeled Fig Newtons.
There's a certain little girl who will be born on Monday (planned c-section) to good friends and her quilt is not finished yet. I did make some progress this week, finishing the blocks and piecing them together with sashing. I still have to add a border and then quilt it. Hopefully it'll be ready before she's a year old.

The remaining photos are from our Day In The Country. We packed up a picnic lunch, the lawn chairs, books and hammock and "headed for the hills" on Friday. It was a WONDERFUL day! Very relaxing, beautiful scenery, the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze...the day could not have been more perfect. P.S. A few of you asked about my haircut. Very, very short! That's how I like it. I'm high maintenance in a lot of areas, but my hair isn't one of them.

The hubby said the Indians would grind their grain on these large flat rock croppings. You can see the circular spots where they worked. I have an active imagination and enjoy thinking about what the people were like; did they live there all the time or did they go up and down the mountains with the seasons? What grains did they grow? Were their homes along the creek or set back in the woods? How long did it take for them to wear these patterns into the stone?
Here's one of many photos of the creek by the picnic area. How peaceful and serene is that?!
The folks who live here and maintain the park have a few dogs. This one attached itself to us and spent the day following us around... and protecting us from big, bad, ferocious horses like this one. Did I mention the day could not have been more perfect?!

Last, but certainly not least, THANKS to ALL who responded to my cry for help in de-stinkifying my fridge. Y'all totally came through with some great ideas that are going in my mental rolodex of household tips. The hubby's efforts on Thursday were for naught, because when I opened the door on Friday morning? Yuck! So we took absolutely everything out, popped in some charcoal with newspaper (thanks Mari for that idea!) and then went through every.single.little.item that had been in the fridge. We found two potential problems but we think the big culprit was the Brie. Which was packaged but apparently not well. I had placed the unopened package of Brie into a ziplock but when I unzipped it, the stench was putrid. *gag* So it would appear the Ziplock minimized but didn't stop the smell from invading my fridge. I am SO HAPPY to report that when I opened the fridge door this morning...nothing. Absolutely nothing. No smell whatsoever. Isn't that wonderful?!


Mari said...

I enjoyed your pictures this week and felt such relaxation just looking at the picnic and creek! I'm so happy that the smell is GONE!!!

LuAnn said...

Thank you for your pictures - I long to pack a picnic lunch. It showed me what I had to look forward too.

skoots1mom said...

oh, my goodness, JubiSista...what a great post...i've so much to reply!
1. Cordoba looks like Miami...except prettier. would love to drink some latte there!

2. sorry about the stinky; but, the view is gorgeous...what does the sign on the light post mean...the one with the big red x?

3. love me some father-in-law had a fig tree in his front yard and when they moved, we lost the fresh figs...i cried. i so love to slice them or just chow down on them.

4. your quilt is so adorable...well done! i love the little animal pics...especially the made me smile!

5. i want to be there for that picnic...and it's so cute how the puppy is sitting, looking up, waiting for a bite!

6. i just had my hair trimmed up, too. i'm loving it being this short, so quick and my shoulders hurt a lot less.

7. i'm so gonna remember the charcoal/paper idea...brilliant!
so glad it worked and you found the originating culprit

8. whew, i think i'm done now...btw, i posted an updated pic from prom on my old post. :) they made it home safe/sound/the girls came back to my house for late-night breakfast, movies and a sleepover. fun, fun!

Lisa said...

The old and the new side by side is so cool. Its just beautiful where you are...glad you are enjoying and appreciating it....and sharing it!

fransmomma said...

wow! beautiful beautiful pictures this week! the arcitechture of those buildings is amazing and i love the picture of the creek from your 'day in the country'. i have an active imagination too. my brain would be in overdrive living somewhere with as much history as where you're at!!

Nise' said...

You have such beautiful pictures. Pretty quilt and she will treasure it always.

Arlington Tea Party said...

Great pictures. I love your little sidekick for the day. :) The picnic area looks like a wonderfully peaceful place.

Edie said...

Hi Kim! I'm Arlington Tea Party. I was signed in on my other blog and didn't realize it. :)

Becky said...

What wonderful country. Those buildings at the "mall" are fabulous.

lol about the dog. Wouldn't mind as long as he was friendly.

Michelle said...

Great pictures this week. I love the quilt!