Monday, March 9, 2009

Do you recognize this flower?

Several asked if I knew the name of the flower yesterday. Nope. We asked the lady who gave me the clipping and she didn't know either. I'm hoping one of you might know the name. Here's a photo of the whole plant to see if that helps any; the plant hangs over the pot although it's sort of hard to see from this angle.
It's been raining off and on ever since we arrived home on Saturday so the laundry still isn't finished. But I think we just might git 'er done today.

The last of our missionary buddies left this morning on a bus back to Buenos Aires. We sure had fun getting to know everyone better this past week and I'm so glad we were able to laugh and love our way through some issues. You may not be aware that missionaries tend to be strong personalities, passionate about their work, and maybe a little thick-headed when it comes to the way we do things. A few meetings during conference helped immeasurably to make sure everyone understood that one way or the other isn't good or bad, just different. God has given each of us certain gifts and abilities, with a bent to doing things a particular way. And we can't expect everyone else to be like us and do it our way.

A good lesson to learn.

Or re-learn.

I really appreciate all your sweet comments and to let you know, I am feeling somewhat better but exhausted. I never expected turning 50 a few months ago would be such an ordeal. I'd like to think of it as my Year of Jubilee, like Skoots1Mom. But at this point it feels more like the Age of Upheaval. Only instead of economic volatility, I have digestive volatility. Rather than ethnic disintegration, my iron levels are deficient. And it's not my empire in decline, merely my season of fertility. That combination is apparently lethal for a woman's energy level.

So thanks for praying and keep it up!

And if any of y'all suffer from IBS and have developed coping mechanisms, please share them! Thank you, thank you very much.

I don't know if I've mentioned our little ant problem. We think the house was built on an ant hill. There were piles of dirt here and there when we moved in. Swept 'em up and most did not reappear. But a few did. Notably, in our closet on the bottom shelf. The hubby plugged their hole.

He thought.

He was wrong.

It actually took three or four sessions down in the closet with spackle before their entry way was good and truly blocked. So then they popped up by our doorway. Each morning there's a fresh mound of dirt by the bedroom door. And another by the back door.

And when we got back from conference, one in the shower. The SHOWER. Apparently they'd been coming up through the drain. It's amazing the pile of dirt a group of industrious ants can create in five short days. It filled my dustpan. Thankfully we seem to have the ants in retreat. From the shower. We're still dealing with the piles in the bedroom and kitchen.

Someone suggested we sprinkle cracked rice which they carry back to their abode where it ferments and lets off a toxic gas. The hubby tried it in his shop, another hot spot, but the ants are either highly intelligent or they don't like rice. 'Cause they're not going for it.

But after talking to the other missionaries this past week, I'm glad that all we have to deal with is a few ants. Things could be much, much worse! Our house is dry and not prone to mold and mildew. Nor do we have cockroaches or rodents or other vermin. So yeah, give me the ants any day.


sara said...

i can't wait to find out what that plant weird it is growing out of the bottom of the container!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

No clue here! about the flower I mean!

I can sympathize with the big 50, I will be there in a few months myself.

Getting older is like fine wine it get better with age, I keep telling myself this and I have hope of one day actually believing it, however I would much rather drink the fine wine that be compared to it.


skoots1mom said...

thanks for the mention...and I am claiming "jubilee" 'cause I have to laugh so I don't cry all the time...i'm with you on the year of changes...and many not so pleasant. I'll hold you in my prayers and would appreciate vice versa...
Our weather was in the 80's today and I felt like i was burning up inside...I don't know how I'm going to handle the summer...

girl, i love that's very mysterious...reminds me of Leticia's man-eating plant on the Addams Family. It looks like it is peekabooing you out of the bottom of the planter

Here's to your finding a fix for your ants...eeeewwww, i can't stand ants or roaches.

Have you been able to order any honey, manuka, that is? It has helped my "system" a lot...

rita said...

So good to have you back!
Will prayfor your energy to come back. So sorry for what you've been going through. Don't understand it all.
And hormigas tambiĆ©n! ¡Pobrecita!

Debbie said...

I'm clueless on the plant.
And I would be so irritated by the ants.
I feel like I am no support for you at all! I'm sorry:)

Sharon said...

Fun little lunch time research project! The plant is called Orbea, aka known as Carrion flower, supposedly because the flowers have an unpleasant odor that helps attract pollinators.
(I know I sound like a stuck up geek!)