Thursday, March 12, 2009

I just took my first art class...EVER!

Except for those vague memories from second grade when getting chosen to help make the paste was the highlight of my year. And watching Tommy eat a bowl full of the paste the most disgusting.

I could have taken an art class in junior high but instead chose typing as my elective. At the insistence of my mom who was bound and determined I would NOT have to work as a waitress like she did.

So here I am at age 50 taking my first art class. Why should moving to a different country and learning another language be the only firsts in my Year of Jubilee?!

This class is killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. I really DO want to learn how to draw and paint, but as the only English speaker in the class I'll also be working on my Spanish.

Before class next week I plan to look up vocabulary words associated with art. It might help.

My Spanish tutor knows my art teacher and ran into her recently, giving her the heads up about moi. The teacher and all the other ladies in the class are very kind and helpful, speaking slowly and repeating as necessary. Of course, having her explain concepts by drawing on the white board helps too.

So I'm pretty excited about this new adventure. We meet in the Cultural Center downtown and after class I knocked off a couple of my other assignments for Spanish: buying coffee and looking for a new watchband. It has been our habit for the hubby to run errands and do any necessary shopping while I'm in Spanish class but my tutor says it's time for me to start doing more.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to interview the young man at a nearby kiosko who sells newspapers and magazines. And I'm hoping he has a selection of home decorating magazines, 'cause I've been going through design withdrawal. Or maybe an art magazine would be better since that would be full of words I need to learn.

Just talked to the daughter who was pleasantly surprised yesterday to receive her daddy's Blackberry in the mail. Y'all might remember the Saga of the Blackberry and what my poor hubby went through trying to get it to work here. Since that is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, he decided someone should get some use out of it and the daughter was the recipient.

She spent a good part of today wading through the bureaucracy that is Sprint since Sprint had still not closed our account. Aaargh! She had a very nice young man helping her and we're hoping and praying that she actually accomplished what we could not, despite repeated phone calls over many months. But having them say they've done something is not the same as them actually doing it, so I'm not holding my breath until we receive confirmation. After all, we were assured multiple times that the problem was handled and obviously it was not.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Just sayin' I won't be signing up with Sprint when we're home on furlough.

The hubby built me a nice shelf in the kitchen yesterday to hold the toaster oven and our big ole bottle of water on it's tiny little plastic base. Just underneath is a smaller shelf with the wifi router and invertor, and my crockpot fits just perfectly under it all on the counter. Yay! I do NOT like counter clutter!

And by way of closing, Happy Mama nominated me for The Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks Happy Mama! If y'all haven't stopped by her place, you really should go! Just like I'm a foreigner learning the customs in a new country, so is Happy Mama learning how to be a New American in the U.S. Her posts are so refreshing and fun to read with a great perspective on our funny American customs ☺ I'm not going to nominate anyone specific (you're ALL Kreativ Bloggers!) but if you'd like to participate, consider yourself nominated! You're supposed to write seven things you love, and nominate seven other bloggers.


sara said...

I would love to take an art class!!

seeing as you have a specific spot for your crockpot, have you ever visited crockpot365DOTblogspotDOTcom? She used hers everyday for a year and posted all the recipes....everything I have tried from there has been wonderful!!!

Susan D said...

I'm like you....the only art class I remember taking was in grade school. I have N.O. artistic talent. It'd be nice to be able to draw so you could at least recognize stick people. Blessings, Susan

rita said...

Great creative assignments!
Art class...a trendy thing to do and right up your they say. Enjoy!

skoots1mom said...

you and your firsts!!! that's awesome...i'd love to take an art class, too. i've sketched a lot of faces with pencil and/or charcoal but never taken a formal class.

here, today, i'm giving you the name "jubisista" are so inspiring to me. I love reading how much you are doing! You really don't know me from adam, but I'm proud of you and your daily accomplishments. There's hope for me yet...

you are so not gonna believe what my word verification is for this"che sista"! How funny is that?! :D
"hey sista"!! My "jubi-sista"

have a wondermous weekend!

Debbie said...

I'm so in awe of you! Taking an art class. You are so darn brave.