Friday, March 20, 2009

Something's wrong but I don't know what

My taste buds are messed up. After craving no-bake cookies for weeks, I finally gathered the ingredients together (no mean feat here!) and whipped up a batch. BLECK! was my reaction when I tasted them. I was ready to throw the whole thing away when the hubby tried one and said, "Hey these are really good!"

Not the first time my taste buds have failed me lately. It happens on random occasions. Other times they work just fine.

And my olfactory sense is off too. Normally I love, love, love the smell of garlic. But the other day it came across as nasty, nasty, nasty. Then the next day? Just fine.

I've always been super sensitive to smells. Ridiculously sensitive. But lately that finely honed sense of smell is failing me.

Except when it comes to my fridge. There it works just fine. Despite being cleaned repeatedly (three times in two weeks) the fridge still stinks. And my hubby smells it too, so it's not just me.

It all started during conference when the fridge door didn't get properly closed before we left for the week.

Not surprisingly, we returned to a rather unpleasant odor. We cleared out the fridge, washed it well, and expected all to be okay.

Only it's not. It didn't smell for maybe half a day and then the stink returned. I cleaned it again. We bought baking soda. And then I cleaned it a third time. Each time the smell would briefly disappear but always return.

Whassup?! Maybe if I just ignore it, it will go away?

The smell, NOT the fridge.

And you have to wonder if the stinky, smelly, no good, very bad nasty fridge has messed with my super sensitive snout?

Last night I went to bed early and my dear, long-suffering hubby went to work on it -- cleaning it FOR THE FOURTH TIME. I'm almost afraid to open the door this morning though.

Remember that "Take me away!" Calgon commercial. I'm thinking that might be a really good plan right about now. If nothing else, it would smell good.

I think.

Oh yeah, I don't have a tub. Scratch that idea.

Maybe the hubby was successful in permanently banishing the stink. Wouldn't that be nice?!

I really miss my scented candles. Another item I coulda, woulda, shoulda brought but didn't.

ATTENTION: any ideas, suggestions, or wise counsel on how to dispel stinky smells would be welcomed and appreciated!


Linda Goossen said...

You're supposed to clean them out?

sara said...

try vinegar. I know some people don't like the vinegar smell but it will fade and will get the other smell out.

so sorry about your sense of smell/taste....if I didn't know better I would say you were pregnant! ha!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

I had that happen once...and it was a rotten potato that had rolled UNDER the fridge....
sorry about it...I can relate!

Mari said...

The first house we bought came with a frig. The problemwas the women left it dirty, then closed it with the power off. The smell was awful. I few tips I got that helped were to put a bunch of crumpled up newspapers in it and to put charcoal in. Both absorb odors and I was ready to try anything! Good luck!

skoots1mom said...

sara had the same idea i did...preggo wouldn't be good now, would it?!
pam had good info...i also have found a very old potato under my fridge after many times of cleaning...
that reminds me of a field rat i found in between my water reservoir and engine in my car! yuck OHHHHH!
i wonder if our tastes/smells change as our "mones" go away...may be a good question for the doctor.
Hope you're doing better today, JubiSista...hang in there.

Leigh of said...

Gosh, there are many times I wish my tastebuds would fial. Then maybe I could lose thirty Lbs.
The smell....I remember that happened to my parents fridge, and there was a link under neath. I think there might have been som esort of tray that was collecting the stinky water. Not sure, but I do know there was a link underneath. Move it out and take a look.
Good luck. That will drive me crazy when I cannot find the source of a stench.

rita said...

That reminds me of the book I've used with my little estudiantitos: ¡Vaya olor! They just love it! It is a Libro Sorpresa that has a little 'door' they open on each double page to uncover the source of the smell/stench/fragrance/perfume whatever odor.
Hope you discover the source!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

We have a sink of perpetual stink. The olfactory thing--could be an illness, but I don't suggest Googling it or it will scare you to death. You could Google any symptom and begin to fear the worst.

skoots1mom said...

well, golly, don't you want 58 KitchenAid mixers??
I'm still laughing...that's what I did at Liddie's over at 2nd cup...our minds definitely run along the same path!
heading out to take prom pics...the girlz r comin' to my house to sleepover afterwards and I've still got some cleaning to do when I get home...
the weather's beautiful though, in the 60's and bright sunshine...will post pics later!
hope you're feeling better.

Debbie said...

I was going to suggest the newspapers and charcoal too. I hope you can fix it. That would drive me crazy.

The Curnews said...

Maybe something died UNDER the fridge. Just an idea.

I have a very good sense of smell too.

I hear ya about the taste buds thingy...I get that way once a month. Everything tastes rotten...I have hubby do the test..and voila, it's THAT time again! Blah :p