Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Am Connected! WOOHOO!

Can you tell I'm excited?! :-) Actually I think this must be some kind of record. It only took 10 days after we moved in to get our internet hooked up. Okay, for clarification I must admit we submitted the request three weeks before that. BUT I still think it's a record. With little competition there's just no incentive to move quickly on any kind of service. We have friends who waited SEVEN MONTHS and then it never did work right and they finally canceled it and gave up. So people, this fast service is cause for a few Hallelujahs!!!

Thanks for everyone who shared their laundry tips. Although Sharon, I think I'll have to pass on your suggestion. Not that it wouldn't be an interesting experiment but all the yards here are fenced, gated and LOCKED.

It turns out the washer was not supposed to take TWO HOURS to do a load of laundry. So we ended up taking it back to the store and getting a different one. This one has 'fuzzy logic' which I love. I just have to tell it what temperature water to use and it intuitively determines water level and length of wash time. How cool is that?!

I have spent the past week unpacking 57 boxes, sorting and organizing and then repacking a good number of them. Until we have finished painting walls and scrubbing floors, most of our stuff will reside in boxes in the garage. But we sorta had to clear floor space before we could get back to the business of painting and cleaning.

Packing to move here I used clothes, towels and bedding to wrap more fragile items. So one box might hold knick knacks, dishes, pump-style ceramic soap dispensers, sheets and clothes. Sort of a mish-mash of everything. So the unpacking, sorting and re-packing will make my life easier in the long run. Now I can go to box B-1 and know that ONLY BATHROOM items are in it. Or M-1 has all those knick knacks.

The hubby will be building various shelving and storage units once his 'shop' is organized. I've put in an order for LOTS of bookshelves to line the dining room walls, some kind of pantry unit for the kitchen, a shelf for the bath, platforms for the mattresses (better than a regular bed frame 'cause I can store boxes underneath), and an L-shaped desk/work area for the study/sewing room. Gonna keep that man busy!

When he's not out doing ministry that is (well, life IS ministry). Which might mean it will take a good long while to get all the things on my list. He's had some great opportunities to build relationships with different ones in our barrio as well as those coming to the gatherings of our little church plant.

In addition to just getting out and spending time with people, Ivan shared from the Word last Sunday and will again this coming weekend. Can't call it "preaching" because it's much more informal. It's more like a Sunday School class with everyone sitting in a circle and interacting. But instead of 45 minutes we usually go for an hour and a half. 'Cause this group likes to sing! And pray. Then we study.

I'm doing better at understanding more of the conversation during meetings -- it helps because I know the 'lingo' of church :-) But by 9 p.m. I'm starting to flag a little and the tired old brain starts shutting down. This will become more of a problem as we get into the summer schedule of starting later on Sunday night. Tourism is the main industry here and summers are so busy I guess everything changes for a few months. Interesting challenge to church planting!

I have to keep this short 'cause in less than three hours my Spanish tutor will be here and I HAVE A TEST TODAY. Yikes! So definitely need to continue my reviewing.

But I had to take a few minutes and post. Oh, it's good to be back!


Robin Lambright said...

I'm glad you're connected again, it is amazing how we come to depend on the very simple things like an internet connection.

s hoyt said...

YOU'RE BACK!!! I was going through withdrawal and missed you terribly.

Technonana said...

Glad your internet is up and running!! I know you are really enjoying your new washer... I had no idea they could do that!!! So next thing I guess they will dry and iron your clothes too!!! Wouldn't that be wonderful??
So, because you are in the southern hemisphere, are your seasons the reverse of ours?

Christy said...

I'll second your woo hoo - I'm so glad you're connected!

Keep the updates coming!