Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Line Drying Tips

There are always such great time-saving, money-saving, sanity-saving ideas shared on Works For Me Wednesday hosted by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. Don't miss any of them, hop over and check them out!

Today I’m sharing line drying tips discovered due to extreme absent-mindedness. Moving from the apartment to the house took over a week and I forgot to take the clothespins with us in the beginning. So when I washed the first load of laundry, I thought “Now how am I going to hang them out to dry?” I’d already learned that while heavy things would (generally) stay on the line if you just drape them over, lighter items would inevitably blow off within minutes.

So I had the bright idea of hanging shirts, nightgowns, and dresses on hangers and then putting the hangers out on the line. Worked a charm! And it didn’t take this girl long to realize I’d stumbled onto a good thing. ‘Cause putting things on hangers right out of the washer eliminates a step -- they go straight from the line into the closet! AND this also eliminates those little pinched lines you get with clothespins.

I’m thinking of buying pant hangers so I can do the same with trousers and shorts.

Another thing I do is sort socks as I’m hanging them, putting them in pairs so once they’re dry I can fold them together before I even take them off the line. They drop into the basket ready to be put into the drawers.

I’m all for anything that streamlines housework and takes less time in the end. I tend to approach most things with an eye for using less energy and achieving higher productivity. So while it may appear I’m just being anal exacting, I’m really just being EFFICIENT! *wink, wink*

P.S. Liberal use of fabric softener in the wash translates into much softer line dried clothes -- even towels!


Heather said...

Excellent tips! I have a shower curtain rod (the spring-loaded kind) inside and I often dry shirts and jerseys on hangers on that, but never thought of it for the line outside.
I've also given up on hanging socks out. I have two little boys and it would take all day to hang them! :o)
Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

I will keep this in mind... I have been wanting to get a clothes line outside so I can hang some things to dry. I asked Mike about it the other day. I am all for saving money.

s hoyt said...

...and this is one more reason why we're going to miss you at Thanksgiving. YOU ARE SO EFFICIENT!
(not only efficient but cute and nice too!)

Runningamuck said...

Oooo! I LOVE the sock tip especially! Great ideas, thanks for sharing. =0)

planetnomad said...

Great ideas! I have tried the hanger idea but only when I was out of space. I think I'll use it more often. I live in Africa and don't have a dryer, so I need all the help I can get.

Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

Those are some good tips! Thanks for sharing them!

rita said...

Great ideas!
Less time on housework, more time to write! And we love hearing from you!

Robin Lambright said...

How smart are you!!! Great Idea! Happy line drying!
Take care