Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Internet Yet

I'm just a Southern Girl and I'm an internetaholic.

Whew! Had to get that out of my system. This is the first time in three days I've been able to get online and it's been driving me nuts! We don't have internet at the house yet and have no idea how long it will be before they hook us up. Until then YPF is our last hope for wifi.

But the past few days we've been too busy to do anything, most especially relax at YPF with our computers. Or even unpack at our house.

Our co-workers built a home 1-1/2 years ago and when they moved into it, his parents moved down from Corrientes and into the house they'd been renting. Well his folks have now moved to be near another son. They were supposed to leave the third week of September but the truck they hired did not arrive here until October 5th! Since our co-workers have to give the landlord the keys to the rental house on Friday, we've been cleaning, painting and hauling like crazy people since Tuesday to get that place back into shape. What a job!

So our house pretty much looks like it did on Monday evening. Except I did finally clear off the kitchen counter today. I don't have enough cupboard space so all the dry food items went into a box on the floor until we can buy (or hubby can build) a free-standing pantry.

Tuesday evening our co-workers had to go into Cordoba and we went along and ended up buying both a fridge AND a washer! Woohoo! You have no idea how happy that makes me :-) Both are new, too! We'd planned on getting a used washer but we found a place that had some appliances with minor dents and dings at reduced prices. Plus the dollar is pretty strong here right now. Which meant we were able to get both appliances new.

Because there's no water pressure, the washing machine takes a really long time to fill up. So a medium size load takes 2-1/2 hours from start to finish and a small load a mere 1-1/2. Guess I'll have to stay right on top of laundry or it will "defeat" me.

Today is really hot and sunny (great for drying clothes) and everyone was very tired so we decided to take a few hours off to rest and then finish the job when it's a little cooler this evening. We're back at the apartment where the hubby is snoozing away while I catch up on e-mails and post a quick one on the blog. And we'll pack the rest of our stuff and haul it to the house when our co-workers pick us up.

End of internet-whenever-I-want-it for now :-( Not sure when I'll be able to get back online. Probably not until some time over the weekend. Just so you know, I MISS Y'ALL! And if you don't hear from me, it's not because I've forgotten you, it's because I can't.

Pray that they hook up our internet SOON!

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