Friday, October 24, 2008

Loco Friday

It's Friday and what is usually our slowest day of the week suddenly speeded up as we try dealing with things in the U.S. from far, far away.

Like getting our voting ballots. Sorta left that one too late I'm afraid. Had looked into it briefly before moving, calling our local election official and doing some online research into what it would take to vote from overseas. BUT failed to follow through once we moved here. Until now. When it's too late. Seeing as how we have to have the ballots MAILED to us, rather than faxed or e-mailed as we'd hoped. And then we'd have to MAIL it back. And there's just not enough time left.

But lemme tell you, if there's a way to get it done, the local election official back home will make it happen! He's checking out mailing options as I type and I will call him back in half an hour to see which, if any, of them are viable.

It's gonna kill me if I can't vote. Not literally but it will make me muy triste! I've voted in EVERY SINGLE FEDERAL ELECTION and most state and local ones, too, since I came of legal age. I'm a firm believer in the adage that our vote DOES count.

So I'm pretty mad at myself for getting so caught up in trying to adjust to life HERE that I neglected my responsibility THERE. *sigh*

[UPDATE: Just talked to the local election office and they can get our ballots to us in 1-3 business days! And pretty sure we can get them filled out and sent back in time. Woohoo!]

I've also spent time a ridiculous amount of time trying to get some banking done. Online banking is supposed to be oh-so-easy but when your bank erases your request to make a payment and the credit card company imposes a late fee almost equal to the paltry amount owed that the bank didn't pay as requested, well let's just say Mama Ain't Happy!

This is just the last in a long line of frustrations we've had with this bank. And I've had it. Since I'm the one who does the banking/bill paying/record keeping in this family, changes are a comin'! I called our hometown bank back in Michigan to see about re-activating our account there. Forget messing with this big ole bank that keeps adding fees upon fees and losing payment requests and doesn't allow you to talk to a real person when you need help. I KNOW the ladies at the hometown bank (worked there for three years) and I know just who to call when I need help.

Like I did this morning. Called for help I mean. And talked to a REAL LIVE PERSON who then called me back to finish our business. I'm giddy with excitement!

And the hubby's been a little busy as well. He walked to the telecentro and faxed our request for the voting ballots and is now on his way home to grab an addressed envelope, pop our broken camera in, and rush to the airport in Cordoba to catch some folks leaving TODAY for the U.S.

The camera quit working properly on Tuesday evening. Calls to the service tech yielded the sad info that it needs professional help (who doesn't?!) and they are not set up to service it here. So we need to get it there. And while FedEx would gladly take it for us, they would also charge about $100 (I'm not making this up). So we've been trying to find someone going back to the U.S who can take it with them and drop it in the mail there for around $10. And found this group leaving TODAY from an airport about an hour away. Thank you Jesus! And help us catch 'em in time!

All this is why our normally tranquilo Friday has become loco Friday instead.


skoots1mom said...

i apprecite your diligence for your vote...cause it does count!
enjoy your weekend...
: )

rita said...

Glad you get to vote after all!
Hope your sábado is more tranquilo.
How's Ivan's back?

Technonana said...

Wow, I so glad you got the voting issue solved!!!
Our peaceful rainy Friday turned into a Loco Friday when our youngest child learned her job had been terminated...(our wonderful economy)
She is single, but she had just bought her first little house..
Please pray that she will find a new job soon!!!