Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update On Getting Through Customs

Hubby called this afternoon to say he's running into some snags:
(1) He needs some kind of report before he can proceed and the computer system that generates these reports is down.
(2) At 2 p.m. today the stevedores went on strike. Nothing happens at the port without the stevedores.

So we're asking folks to pray that these two matters are resolved quickly. As of tomorrow the hubby will have been gone a week. Now it looks like this may drag into next week and that just makes me TOO SAD for words.


s hoyt said...

Hang in there my friend. There are lots of people who love you and are praying for you and I'm one of them.

rita said...

Same here.
I just arrived at Mother & Dad's and was anxious to check your blog.
Animo, hermana!

DidiLyn said...

Stopping typing and blogging to pray right now.
God bless you and your husband.