Monday, October 6, 2008

The Truck Arrives Today!

Even as I type, the truck with our container is getting closer and closer. Yeah! Mid-to-late morning the hubby and our co-worker will begin unloading. Since I have Spanish this morning (as always), I've given him a list of MUST HAVE boxes from each pallet so we can (1) make up a bed to sleep on tonight and (2) have the kitchen items we'll need.

The weekend was spent in a frenzy of cleaning. We hired two younger, much more limber women to help. They were able to get into places my old body can't. By the end of Saturday we had finished the windows, doors and door frames, 2 of 3 closets (hubby was working on the floor in one bedroom so we couldn't get to that closet), bathroom and the remainder of the kitchen cupboards. Whew!

Yesterday the hubby touched up a few spots on the floor he'd missed on Saturday and put a couple coats of fresh wax on. Looks so much better! This photo shows the doorway into the hall so you can see what a difference in clean and icky tiles. This was prior to applying the fresh wax so the clean floor isn't gleaming in the photo as it does now. You can see now why we thought the floors were black -- they are until you scrub and scrape them and see that they're brown!

We are so enjoying the beauty of our rose bushes. One was full of blooms last week, spilling over the front fence. Unfortunately the hubby had the camera with him in Buenos Aires. But here's a picture of one on the side of the house I took Saturday.
Until we get internet at the house I won't be able to get online as often as I have been. But since we'll be coming back to the apartment for supper, I think I'll be able to hop on and maybe post an update then.

Hasta luego!

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Christy said...

Praise the Lord! I am thankful for God's gracious gift in answering this prayer with a "yes" and not a "wait"!