Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Up And Moving, That's Enough For Now

After pushing hard for several weeks, I have "hit the wall". I'm just flat out tired. The adrenaline only takes me so far and then I feel like a balloon that's been popped, the air seeping out as I deflate into a little puddle of plastic on the sidewalk.

So I'm really glad we'll be gone most of today. No boxes, no laundry, no cleaning. ForOneWholeDay! This morning and into the afternoon we'll be meeting with other missionaries and national pastors and their wives for a time of prayer and fellowship. They try to do this monthly but it doesn't always work out. This month we're meeting in Cordoba; there will likely be pastors and wives there from several smaller towns as well as Cordoba city.

And this evening I have Spanish class (on Fridays it's in the evenings). We'll find out how I did on my first test. I'm not really nervous. Not exactly anyway. Why be simply nervous when you can have a full-blown panic attack?

I have a story to share but not enough time this morning. So hopefully tonight I'll be able to get back on and tell you all about The Hubby's Exciting Excursions To The Post Office To Mail A Package For Me. The man has patience! And you need lots of that when doing anything here. It would be funny (and it is) if it weren't so painful.

But this morning I'm going to share what gets me going. After indulging in the wonderful concoction that is cafe con leche at YPF for many mornings when we lived in the apartment, we are trying to re-create our own version at home now. And while it's not the same -- can't afford the fancy milk frothing machine -- it tastes pretty doggone good! It helps when you find really, really good coffee and have a nifty little French coffee press and heat your water to exactly 200° and let it "brew" for only 4 minutes. My morning repast (I've always wanted to say that) includes bread and what we can buy here is pretty amazing. This pan frances is a favorite for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). Just that perfect blend of soft and chewy. Yum! I lightly, lightly butter the bread and add a thin slice of cheese. I'm a fan of the cheddar, especially sharp white. But alas! it is not available here. This morning we're having Fymbo cheese. The hubby picked it up while running errands the other day. Since I don't always hear correctly the Spanish (all those soft letters and dropped endings common to native speakers throws me off) I asked him to spell it. Upon which he put it to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. I have a feeling kids songs will be in my head today. Because that led me to humming Old McDonald Had a Farm.

Anyway, I get the coffee brewed just right, assemble my bread and cheese and half a sliced apple on my plate and settle down with my friend, the computer, for a time of checking my favorite blogs. Ahhhh! Life is good. Sorry about the quality of photography, especially that last picture. But whaddya expect? I'm up and moving, and that's enough for now.


Kathy said...

no facturas for breakfast?????

Elizabeth said...

cafe con leche and bread or facturas would be so delicious right now... how I miss the good food!

s hoyt said...

Looking forward to the story. Will check your blog every two hours. (No pressure)

rita said...

I was tired just imagining ALL the work, so how must you feel.
Glad for your day away!
And SO happy you are connected again!!!