Thursday, July 10, 2008

Being In A State Of Chocolate

Over the past week the hubby and I have eaten an entire bag of Hershey's Nuggets, the dark chocolate truffle kind (okay, mostly it was me but I did share a few with him). In theory the small pieces should mean I'd eat LESS since I can have one little piece rather than a whole candy bar (or handful of chocolate chips). But in reality I just keep eating little pieces all day long. So it ends up being the equivalent of a candy bar (or handful of chocolate chips).

But oh they are good! Luscious dark chocolate, melting on the tongue with a surge of cocoa happiness. But as they say in Uganda, the chocolates are "over". *sigh* And I am sad. 'Cause I could use a little chocolate love tonight. I am SOOOO tired. I fell asleep on the way to Indiana while the hubby drove and we listened to "Farewell My Suburu: An Epic Adventure in Local Living" (downloaded from Audiobooks>. I missed a big chunk about switching to a car that runs on waste vegetable oil.

But that was a good part to sleep through since I'm already somewhat knowledgeable about cars that run on WVO. The daughter bought a 1982 Mercedes Benz diesel last year (great deal on ebay) and during the warmer months she runs half and half diesel and WVO. Fortunately we have good friends with a drive-in restaurant who fry lots and lots of fries and onion rings and gladly allow the daughter to take all the WVO she can use. Oh, and the daughter's exhaust smells mighty tasty.

Which brings me back to the chocolate. The chocolate truffles are gone, but I just remembered that I brought my bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips to Indiana 'cause the in-laws have central air so I can bake some yummy chocolate scones for breakfast tomorrow without self-inducing a heat stroke. It's the big bag of chips from Sam's Club so there's plenty and it's perfectly okay to grab a handful now before heading to bed in a haze of chocolate bliss. Nighty-night.

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