Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Day With My Daughter

I was motivated to get up early and load up the car. 'Cause I'm spending the day with my daughter!

The hubby has some things to do around here (at the in-laws) but when it's time for him to meet up with us, he only has to put the suitcase and computer bag into the car. Everything else was loaded before 8 a.m. by my very own hands :-) We're heading to Michigan later in the day. Tonight we're visiting the church that just took on some of our support.

I was a little too efficient this morning, packing the hubby's daily vitamins and the cheese we had wanted at breakfast. Minor details, minor details.

So we're hitting the big metropolis of Ft. Wayne today. The daughter has a list of stores and things she's looking for, in order to create some very cool things to sell at an upcoming street event. I'm just along for the ride. Oh and to buy the biggest possible package of t.p. at Sam's Club (that we'll use as filler in the bigger suitcases so we don't go over the 50 lb. per bag limit).

The first time I went to Argentina (1996) I went prepared! Hearing horror stories of inadequate facilities and non-existent toilet paper while traveling cross country, I took AN ENTIRE SUITCASE OF CHARMIN. Oh yes I did! And it came in so handy! It lasted just over three of the four weeks we were there. And while the reality wasn't quite so horrible (things had improved in the almost 20 years since the hubby had been there) we were often, and I repeat OFTEN, glad for the foresight of moi in the packing of that particular suitcase.

My needs are simple, and soft bathroom tissue is one of them. So what is the one thing you-cannot-live-without-when-traveling?


Ma Hoyt said...

That's easy....chocolate.

And Diet (Cherry) Coke.

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos are quite complimentary to the Diet Coke--the burning of one negates the burning of the other.

But if I have to pick just one it would be the chocolate :-)

rita said...

I don't think Ivan was around yet when there was such a scarcity of paper in Argentina that anything would do for tp. We didn't need to go the 'nature' way, leaves and such, however. There were many old patterns to use up, softer than newspaper and the labeling proved helpful: FRONT and BACK especially.

susanna said...

Contact solution! I'm blind as a bat and wearing glasses is not my favorite. But I agree that toilet paper would be high on the list. When I was in Albania, I'm pretty sure I used some cardboard at one point. :) Sue (tsg)

86 My Social Life said...

T'was a very, very fun day :)
I was so overwhelmed by my beads when I got home I just stared at them for awhile, and then I couldn't even bring myself to start my fabulous necklace, I just made a few pairs of earrings to sell.

Mycrazylfe said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I felt very blessed this morning!

As far as traveling goes, I don't do it often enough to know what I would not want to be without, but hopefully I will be able to answer that question sooner than later. I got my passport a couple of months ago with the vision that God will eventually send me somewhere. When He does, I will know to pack the TP!