Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reduced To Three Boxes

The hubby's "office" was reduced to three boxes this afternoon. AND 9 bags of garbage. AND a huge pile of things-to-give-the-daughter's-boyfriend who may or may not sell it on ebay. Did you hear that big sigh of relief about 5 p.m.? This particular job has been hanging over our heads FOREVER.

Only one of the boxes holds office things. "Office" was perhaps just a cover for garage-extension-in-the-basement. Just sayin'.

You can see the floor for the first time in years.

And the desk, which we're leaving for Rob, has some office-y items in and on it but is now remarkably pile free. Woot!

I typed up the shipping inventory list today. We've been using a little Walmart notebook to keep track of the contents of each box as we pack it. But it was all jumbled since I was writing down boxes as they were packed. So a box of kitchen items might be followed by twin size bedding and then craft supplies and figuring out which number to assign to the newest box of kitchen items meant looking back until I found the last one. Wasn't always careful enough so I had several boxes with the same numbers :-( But now it's neat and orderly and in successive order. *happy sigh*

101 boxes so far. And I'm not done. But I'm close.

The life insurance saga continues. We faxed in the necessary info to another company; sorta hedging our bets in case Company Number One refuses coverage. And we just won't even think about both of 'em turning us down, now will we?

Our current prayer letter went out via e-mail yesterday. Tomorrow when we get back to Indiana (and the envelopes, stamps and labels) we'll send it to those who want it via regular mail. Seems we've been consistently about a month behind getting these out. This time due to the lag in getting all the contact info consolidated into our Mac's address book. But it's done AND even posted on our website.

It was the first time I'd posted something new there in 9 months. That'll have to change, since once we're in Argentina it will be a primary way to convey ministry updates and prayer requests. I'm doing better at blogging here more consistently so hopefully that will carry over. I guess I'll need to be a little more serious over there and then can hop over here to get my crazy on. If I can hide my crazy over there, that is. Not sure that's entirely possible. But then again, most people think missionaries are a loony bunch anyway so a little crazy is to be expected.

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