Thursday, July 17, 2008

Power Washing Pro

The hubby has been hard at work all day, power washing the exterior of his parents' house. He rented the equipment for a day, so has kept at it steady to just get 'er done. He was soaked within minutes of beginning and squishes when he walks :-)

From the front, the home looks like a traditional one-story ranch but the back has a drive out/walk out basement so that's a LOT of house to clean! And he cleaned in, on, and around the screened-in porch which was no small job. Even as I type, he's in the driveway where he hauled the indoor/outdoor carpeting from the porch, and he's hosing it down; it was quite green in areas (and the carpet is supposed to be blue!). I snapped one shot of him on the porch roof that shows the water spray -- which I tried to avoid but was nailed by a few times anyway. NOT that the hubby was trying or anything. And I hope it didn't sound like I begrudged my FIL's plaque honoring his years of service. I just wish they'd acknowledged the part my MIL played in his ministry. I mean, even Paul mentioned the godly women who helped in the ministry! His epistles are sprinkled with their names.

Just sayin'.

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