Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Not Blushing, It's Just Really Hot

When I get really hot, my face turns beet red. And my word it's hot in the garage! We've spent the afternoon packing boxes and loading pallets out there. Three pallets packed, wrapped and strapped :-) Maybe two or three to go? The daughter's boyfriend has been a HUGE help! His job in the school system ended just in time for him to become the hubby's right-hand-man for this project. He must really like our daughter! :-)

He even went late last night, when he knew third shift at Wal-mart would be re-stocking shelves, to get more boxes since we were running low. What a guy! And hopefully our other friend who's been supplying boxes will have a load for us tomorrow. Since we're taking the container and aren't worried about space any more, we're not vacuum packing anything else. Which means we'll use more boxes. Just hope that while going through customs, they don't ask us to open any of the ones we DID vacuum pack. 'Cause we'll never fit those things back into the boxes.

The past week we enjoyed time with the hubby's next oldest brother and his wife. They live in Denver now, but we all lived in the same town when we got married and I turned to the SIL frequently with questions about how to make or do something. I was a pretty ignorant young wife. I didn't even know how to make rice or weed a garden. What can I say? I was a city girl who grew up on TV dinners and take-out.

And this same SIL would have been on my speed dial, if such a thing had existed then, when our son was born. I'm sure I was on the phone at least once a day. I'd never even really babysat much before becoming a mother. It's only partly a joke when I say my kids survived in spite of me.

So the push is on to finish as much of the packing and palletizing as possible this week. We may stay through Wednesday, Thursday, or beyond, but we will get this DONE. After all, there's not a lot of time left.



86 My Social Life said...

That's such a good picture of dad and Aaron!
I'm so glad he likes helping ya'll out, but I must admit I get pretty jealous when my 3 favorite people get to spend oodles of time together when I'm stuck in Indiana :(
Love ya!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Hi Kim! I'm sorry about having FriedOkra locked up last night - it was only for 12 hours or so, so that my designer could install my new look, and I'm all opened up and pretty as a picture now, so come visit me at your leisure. Glad to have you, and don't worry! I know you're not a stalker. Hee hee.