Saturday, July 26, 2008

On The Road Again

That's our song! And will be until we get settled in Argentina.

Today we head for Ashland, Kentucky, where we'll stay with an old high school friend. Sunday morning we'll drive across the river into Ohio and speak at her home church. In the "it's-a-small-world" way that things happen, her pastor knows our co-workers, Tito & Adriana, in Argentina! He pastored another church some time ago that supported Adriana's parents who were missionaries.

The mapquest spewed out two pages of directions. It's only supposed to take 6 hours to get to her house, but it takes two pages of directions to do it. Should be a fun day; hopefully we'll be on the ball sufficiently and won't miss any turns.

Or we could end up like our friend who was on his way from West Virgina to Pennsylvania, enjoying the beautiful summer day and listening to the Doobie Brothers, when he suddenly realized he was in Ohio. He'd missed an important turn and driven three hours out of his way. But as he said, it was a beautiful day for a drive :-)

The hubby has done a lot of work on the car in the last couple of months; trying to keep it running until August 15th. But it's been a little sluggish and sounding funny so just praying it through the next 20 days! Especially today and tomorrow 'cause this is the longest trip we'll be taking in it before we leave.

Time to pack and load the car. Have a wonderful weekend, people! And let's all sing together, "On the road again..."