Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Luscious Tomatoes

The daughter planted a garden for the first time and just harvested her first tomatoes. Aren't they beautiful?! And we'll soon be inundated with luscious ripe orbs in various sizes and varieties. Some may not make it to that stage 'cause this southern girl does like herself some fried green tomatoes :-) And these are tempting me mightily! And to think we'll be arriving in Argentina at the tail end of winter, just in time for spring and a chance to plant our own garden! The area we're moving has a climate much like the Carolinas so we should be able to grow great big luscious tomatoes of our very own. Yea!


86 My Social Life said...

Yum yum :)
Now, we must give dad credit, he not only tilled the garden, he assisted with planting, has weeded it, and even watered it a bit. So, he's most of the labor behind the operation!

rita said...

Oops, yes, credit where it's due.
what was that I read about MIL not being recognized? What was the occasion?