Friday, July 11, 2008

I Love A Free Friday Night Concert

And tonight was a good'un! Really talented young musicians and a variety of music, from Debussy to Strauss. But my favorite of the evening was Ravel's left-handed piano concerto. I mean, that's what the conductor said it's called: "Concerto Pour La Main Gauche". The pianist held onto the piano for dear life with his right hand and whaled away with his left. He plays better with one hand than most people do with two! I see great things ahead for Reinis Zarins. And sometime I'd love to hear him play with his right hand :-)

My in-laws live in Winona Lake, Indiana, home of the Masterworks Festival each summer. Rather than try to explain what Masterworks is in my decidedly confusing manner, here's their blurb:

"The MasterWorks Festival is a four-week classical performing arts training program that offers advanced and passionate students of music, dance, opera, and theatre the opportunity to learn from professional Christian performing artists in their respective field. What sets MasterWorks apart from other summer festivals is the integration of faith with the performing arts, creating an artistic environment unlike any other."

And if you're interested in learning more, check out their website.

My in-laws love music (mom plays piano and organ and dad plays baritone) but they don't like going out at night on their own, especially now that my FIL is so unsteady on his feet. Tonight was a treat for all of us, and we cherish these times we can spend with them. Dad's 87 and in declining health. Mom will be 87 in a couple weeks but she's surprisingly spry for her age, still getting out in the yard to weed and bustling around the house with the energy of someone much younger.

The concert series is almost over, but if you're in the area next weekend, they'll be performing Tartuffe! Like all their concerts, it's free to the public.

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