Monday, July 21, 2008

Plan C

At 8 a.m. a phlebotomist did her thing on us, after which we drank quantities of coffee and shared a big ole' omelet with potatoes and tomatoes and cheese. The phlebotomist came right to our house; she makes house calls on behalf of insurance companies who want to make sure those they are insuring for vast sums of money in the form of term life policies are not likely to die any time soon, so they won't actually have to part with any of said insurance money but simply take yours month after month after month for the next however many years.

The hubby's blood was "sluggish" and she wondered if he'd been drinking enough water? 'Cause being dehydrated can cause the blood to slow down. Well, duh, he just needed the quantities of coffee we consumed as soon as the sluggish blood was safely in the little tubes. I'm sure within minutes his blood picked up enough speed to create class five rapids in some veins.

Fortified by coffee and starch, we headed to Jackson to pick up our newly written wills. Another thing checked off on the To Do list from the mission.

Still have to fill out the burial request form. So whadda ya think? Here, there, or nowhere? I say just cremate me and then he can take the purty urn everywhere he goes and I'll always be near :-)

Although where we're going in Argentina, our burial would already be paid for, should we decide to be planted there. They charge a little extra with the water bill every month that goes toward your eventual burial. Since that utility already has the earth moving equipment, they decided to eliminate an entire industry in favor of efficiency. Dig a water line or a grave, makes no difference to them.

But should we choose to go that route, we'd have to pay for the actual grave site in perpetuity and if, at some point, someone *ahem* forgot to pay the bill, you're outta there. Not sure what they do with displaced bones and not sure I want to know.

So back to plan C: cremate and carry.

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Morbid with a humorous twist :)