Monday, July 14, 2008

My Word But I'm Wordy

Arrived back in Indiana this evening and sat down to read my favorite blogs. Then the hubby informed me that the third paragraph of my earlier post is redundant. So I re-read the post and am sad to say he is right. In fact the entire post is practically incoherent. That's what pain will do to you. Now I know to avoid writing altogether when a migraine hits.

'Cause I care about y'all and would hate to cause YOU pain.

We did accomplish a lot today. I'm most excited about finishing the kitchen, packing the last of the dishes, silverware and pots. And the current-occupant-of-the-parsonage carried up the many boxes of kitchen items he'd been given by friends and family (which have been stored for months -- and some for years -- in the basement), spreading everything out all over the living room so he could see what he had and sort it before he started filling up the cupboards.

He had no clue what some of the items were for; not surprising since most of the things he asked about are used for frying (fry basket, spatter screen, and a mesh ladle). And he does not eat the fried. He's more a yogurt and fruit kinda guy.

When we left he was happily putting things into "his" kitchen. Even though we've been using his furniture since last fall, the kitchen remained my domain. He has some really rockin' things, including a very retro set of pots and pans right out of the late 60s/early 70s with funky orange and brown flowers on the side.

I'm thinking when we finally get into a place of our own in a few months, I'll be just as happy to put my own things up in the kitchen. Yep, definitely!

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86 My Social Life said...

Ya'll have done quite good work the past couple weeks, you're really cranking those boxes out!