Monday, July 14, 2008

A Caffeine Headache

It is very hard to do much when you have a killer migraine headache. Which I do. Because I waited too long to ingest caffeine today. Silly me. I know I should wean myself off entirely but I also know that will take 3-4 days of headaches and THERE'S TOO MUCH TO DO RIGHT NOW. So the caffeine weaning will have to wait.

That last sentence has a catchy cadence to it, don't you think? It would fit right into a sad country song. A sad country song is about my skilz level if I were so inclined to write poetry today. Which I'm not. Because it's all I can do to do what I have to do.


Or re-pack as the case may be. We're getting a lot of things to take for some other missionaries and some of these things come in wee little boxes or big manilla envelopes and I am the designated opener of these packages which then get re-packaged into one big box. Or several boxes. Because there are a LOT of wee little boxes or big manilla envelopes arriving daily at the parsonage.

As well as big boxes.

Some of those boxes arrived rather battered and had to be re-packed as well. But most of them are fine and simply get opened to check for packing slips, then re-taped. This is much easier than re-packing, as you can imagine. And I like that a lot on days when the caffeine deprivation has lodged in solid little knots of pain behind my eyeballs.

Now excuse me while I return to the re-packing, re-taping, and re-caffeinating.

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