Monday, July 28, 2008

The Party We Missed

We were in southern Ohio on Sunday so missed the party. Three of the siblings and their extended families gathered for an afternoon of food and games. (We had leftovers when we returned in the evening and I can tell you it was a great meal!) The group from Georgia is still here today but everyone else dispersed for jobs and such. So instead of close to 30 we will be only 14 :-)

I know it was a special time for my in-laws who really enjoyed the great grandkids. The youngest is an affectionate little guy and gave great-grandma lots of hugs and kisses, and shared his repertoire of jokes with great-grandpa. And there were games going on all over the house. Good times! With dad's declining health, we just don't know how many more family times we'll have like this. But he had a great time yesterday and WON the Scrabble game. Go Dad!

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86 My Social Life said...

It was a fun family reunion :)